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Cheap Floor Lamps (All Under $75!)

One thing I learned about creating a layered and designed space is that you have to layer your lighting.

Before I learned that, I thought that as long as the interior space was illuminated…and I could see…then all was well! WRONG!
You want to layer your lighting- floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, natural lighting. They are ALL important and combining different sources of light makes your space look much more designed.

Now one of the good things about my previous mindset was that it was cheaper! You buy one lamp and you’re good….at least in your head you’re good.
Now that I know better, I want to do better, but can I afford better? 

Herein lies the reason for this post and other similar posts.
I love love love going on the hunt to find budget friendly but stylish items.

Depending on your style and your taste, I’ve hunted down these options (which were all under $75 when this post was published):



1. Open Cage Metal Lamp
2. Wire Cage Lamp
3. Antique Brass Pharmacy Lamp 
4. Single Light Floor Lamp 

5. Woven Drum Shade Tripod Lamp
6. Slanted Globe Lamp 
7. Arc Lamp 
8. Leaning Tripod Lamp 

9. Copper & Black Tripod Lamp
10. Globe Lamp
11. Chandelier Style Lamp 
12. Stacked Ball Floor Lamp 

Let me know if any of these lamps complete your space, or if you already have a similar one.
And, like always, if there is a round up you want to see, let me know!


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