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The Lord’s Prayer Printable [4 Free PDF Designs]

This post contains 4 beautiful designs of The Lord’s Prayer printable art.

4 free printable PDFs of the Lords prayer

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The Lord’s Prayer is easily the most popular prayer from the bible. Many people can recite it from memory.

I think that is a good thing. It’s an important prayer for every Christian to be familiar with.


Well, when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, this is the devotion that the Lord gave them as an example.

The Entire Lord’s Prayer reads:

Our Father, which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth,

As it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those that trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

The power, and the glory,

For ever and ever.


Matthew 6:9-13 (NKJV)
**The last four lines are only added in some versions**

The key word here is “example”. Matthew 6:7 makes it clear that we were never meant to recite this prayer monotonously and without meaning.

As an example, the Lord’s prayer demonstrates that when we pray, we should praise the Father, seek his will, depend on him and ask him for our provisions, ask for forgiveness and look forward to his deliverance.

What better prayer to print and refer to on a regular basis?

This is why I’ve designed the four gorgeous prints of the Lord’s prayer that you can download below.

There are soooooo many amazing ways that you can put them to good use. Some you probably hadn’t thought of previously.

Great ways to use these prints:

  • Wall decor
  • As a page in your prayer journal
  • Handouts at bible study and Sunday School
  • Helping your kids learn the prayer
  • As a reminder to pray in your daily planner or bullet journal
  • To represent your faith on your categorized vision board
  • Displayed in your “prayer closet” or “war room” as a model for how to pray

In addition to this prayer, you can also print matching versions of the Serenity Prayer (full version & short version).

More bible verses? I also have matching Fruits of the Spirit Printables.

What To Know About Printing Art Prints

All of the prints below are designed as: 8.5″ × 11″ PDFs, which makes them easy to print at home on letter sized paper. 
They are also the perfect size to be trimmed & framed. (There are plenty of affordable frames sold in the 8×10 size).

For best results, print these art prints on a home printer using this white cardstock

Or, send the file out for professional printing at Staples, Fedex, Kinkos, etc. (May require you to convert the document to a jpeg or png).

Visit my Etsy Store for other prints!

Okay, now check out these designs!

The Lord’s Prayer PDF – Simple

If you’re looking for a simple, black and white printout, this is it. The basic color palette makes it versatile and the large, clear font makes it easy to read.

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download the black & white PDF of the Lord’s prayer :

the lords prayer printable
(No watermark across the text on the PDF version)

The Lord’s Prayer PDF – Pastel Abstract Design

Wanting to add a little razzle dazzle to the simple version? In this version, the text has been enhanced with soft watercolor abstract designs.

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this abstract design of the Lord’s prayer :

pastel lords prayer printable
(No watermark across the text on the PDF version)

The Prayer in Floral Border

Do you consider yourself the opposite of a minimalist? The floral border around the Lord’s prayer in this design is super vibrant, and personally, cheers me up whenever I look at it.

Don’t forget to check out the serenity prayer printables and the fruit of the spirit printables. They have versions that match this specific design.

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download the Lord’s prayer in a floral border :

floral lords prayer PDF print
(No watermark across the text on the PDF version)

The Prayer in Watercolor Greenery

This version is perfect to print for an easter service, don’t you think? I just love this organic and peaceful feel of the greenery surrounding the text in this one.

CLICK HERE (or the image below) to download this version of the Prayer, surrounded by watercolored greenery :

watercolor greenery printable lords prayer
(No watermark across the text on the PDF version)

So what do you think? What’s your favorite design?
And how do you incorporate the Lord’s Prayer into your everyday life?

I’d love to see your comment below!

And if you print and frame one of these, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram!
It will make me so happy to see how you’re using it!

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