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12 New VIRTUAL PARTY IDEAS (for max fun & minimal contact)

The first time I attended a virtual party was way before 2020.

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Virtual Party Ideas

One of my friends had moved far away from family and friends and decided to host her baby shower over Facebook Live.

At the time, it felt unusual. I had no idea that in just a few years, virtual events would become as normal as in person events.

Even when “social distancing” becomes a thing of the past, I believe that virtual parties are here to stay.


#1 – because it’s a global society! We all have friends and families that live across the nation and even across the world from us.

#2 – because partying virtually makes us more flexible.
For example, you don’t need to wait for the summer to throw a party. You can throw one even when it’s freezing outside, cuddled up at home.

Finally – it opens the door to so many new creative party ideas. And I, for one, love a good party.

To get you started, here are 12 fun virtual party ideas that will inspire you to have a really fun time online.

12 Virtual Party Ideas For Adults

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1| Virtual Beer/Wine Tasting

I discovered this idea from ThatChickAngel on Youtube. She had a Jack Daniels tasting event for her 40th birthday and I thought it was brilliant.

At a virtual beer or wine tasting party, you and your guests will receive the same beverages, which you will then taste and learn about from a wine, beer or cocktail expert, over Zoom or other online platforms.

For wine tasting, check out Priority Wine Pass. They work with small production wineries and will organize your party, ship you and your guests wine then a winemaker or winery owner will virtually guide you through the wine tasting.

For beer tasting, LA Beer Hop will deliver beer packages with a variety of beers and tasting glasses, virtually guided by certified cicerones (beer experts).

2| Virtual Escape Room Party

Who doesn’t love a good escape room?
With virtual escape rooms, you can enjoy over and over again, whenever you want and with whoever you want.

If you buy a megapack of virtual escape room games like this one from Etsy, you can play virtually from wherever your team members are or play as one big group in the same room.

3| Cook With Me Party

For a fancier party, hire a professional chef to virtually teach your guests to cook a new entree or bake a new dessert step-by-step. has some wonderful virtual group cooking classes here. You can also try

For something more casual, someone in your group can teach everyone their signature dish.

Before the party, the chef (a professional one or someone you choose) needs to send you and your guests a list of ingredients to purchase and have ready for the class.
At party time, everyone will follow after the chef, to learn to cook the dish together.

The best part is everyone tasting the food at the end! YUM!

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4| Virtual Gift Exchange

Use a free app like ELFSTER to set a date, set a budget and make wish lists. Then, it will match up names and email details to each participant.

Each gifter needs to buy a gift and send it to their match before the day of exchange.
(Remind everyone to AVOID OPENING THE GIFTS until the day of the party).

On the day of the exchange, start a video chat and reveal the Secret Santas and gifts one by one!

You can also find virtual White Elephant apps that will allow you to steal gifts.

5| A Virtual Storytelling Party

Storytelling has long (and I mean LONG) been a fun, easy and meaningful way to spend time with other people.
There are so many types of virtual storytelling parties that you can throw.

You can throw a storytelling party focused on one person.
For example, you can have a Zoom get-together where grandpa and grandma tell stories about their childhood or share their favorite memories with the rest of the family.

Or you have a storytelling party where everyone tells a story.

For example, you can get together and tell spooky stories by candlelight or set a theme that everyone has to stick with (e.g. everyone reads their old diary entries or tells stories about their favorite high school party).

6| Virtual Book Club (bonus if you make it themed)

Book clubs are NOT a thing of the past.

All you have to do is get a group of readers together, choose a book and set a meeting date or time.
Spice up your book club party with a theme like dressing up as your favorite character.

7| Virtual Tea Party

This would be a great one to combine with another type of party (like the book club or the storytelling party).
But it can just as well be hosted by its lonesome.

Gather some friends who love tea.
Everyone can try the same new tea or everyone can bring their own favorite tea. You can also send out recipes/suggestions for appetizers, tea party food or tapas to eat alongside the tea.

You may choose to just sip and socialize or talk about something specific like a movie or episode you’ve all watched.

Bonus if you add a fun theme like having everyone wear big tea party hats.

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8| Virtual Sip & Paint

Pour yourself a drink and grab your paint, canvas and brushes. At virtual pain nite, your expert hosts will paint while you follow along at home over video.

Check out PaintAndSipLive.
A paint party with them comes with a live DJ/music, and you can pick between different themes and music genres.
They will also send you a paint kit if you need one delivered.

9| Virtual Game Night

Thanks to 2020, there are now so many ways to host a game night virtually.

The best idea is to use something like Jackbox Games to play unique games or Pogo Games to play classic games like Scrabble to connect everyone and play games together

For trivia, offers their own video and gaming platform that you can pay a subscription fee for. Try it for a free 7 day trial.

If you’re looking for something more casual (without an app), try playing Charades or Pictionary.

10| Virtual Karaoke

Now this one has to be one of the more surprising ideas, am I right?

You would think that the whole point of karaoke would be to grab a microphone and shake your groove thing in the same room as other people, wouldn’t you?
Well guess what? Karaoke can also be enjoyed virtually.

Click here for a great tutorial on how to organize and host a virtual karaoke party.

11| A Pamper Party

If you want to have something more relaxing, you can host a pamper party (which you can also call a Self Care Party).

Everybody grab a face mask, luxurious face care products and pedicure supplies to spoil themselves with, while chatting together virtually.

12| Virtual Movie Night

Watch the same movies all at once but separate with a virtual watch party.

You can host watch parties with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

Check out this article from to learn the pros and cons of many different kinds of virtual movie night options.

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I hope you’ve gotten some awesome and creative virtual party ideas to throw soon. No reason why you can’t still be the life oof the party or the hostess with the mostest just because of some social challenges! You’ve got this! Enjoy your virtual party!

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