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10 Glamorous Ideas for your Holiday Bar Cart

I am of the personal belief that no moment is too big or small to celebrate it!

With the holidays and New Year fast approaching, there are (and will be) plenty of moments for “CHEERS”.

For these moments, it is nice to have a stocked and fabulous bar cart ready and waiting.

What is the Point of a Bar Cart?

A bar cart is a mobile and easy way for a host or hostess to serve drinks, wherever their guests are.

Whether people are gathering in the kitchen, by the TV or even outside, a bar cart can be wheeled over to keep the party going.

I don’t even drink hard alcohol so in my opinion, a bar cart is also lovely for home decor.

It can be decorated to fit any type of decor and as you know, I am particular to a mid-century and bohemian style of decor.

This is why I tend to be attracted to gold, opulent-looking bar carts with a hint of vintage sophistication.

For those that are picking up what I am putting down, I’ve put together this bar cart mood board so that you can curate a most fabulous bar cart.

Bar Cart Mood Board

Not only do these bar accessories serve as wonderful additions to your serveware, they also make great host & hostess gifts! Especially for couples who seem to have everything.

10 holiday Bar Cart ideas - Glam

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Bar Cart Item Details

  1. Bar Cart  – This champagne colored option is super unique, affordable and functional!
  2. Marble Gold Edged Coasters, Set of 4 
  3. Crystal Wine Stopper 
  4. Gold Bartender Set – This set has 9 pieces including a recipe book! That’s impressive!
  5. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water – because…we’re fancy like that
  6. Crystal Glass Decanter– Who can resist vintage style glassware
  7. Faux Roses in Vase  – not only are these super gorgeous, they won’t die on you!
  8. Marble & Gold Bar Tools (bottle opener + corkscrew) 
  9. Crystal Glassware, Set of 4  – unique shape!
  10. Striped Cocktail Napkins (out of stock; here’s a fabulous alternative

There you have it- 10 beautiful accessories to complete (or start) your bar cart.

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