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Get To Know Me: My Favorite Home Decor Style Is…


I know what you’re thinking: “Sis, that’s two different styles.”

Technically, you’re right. Midcentury Modern is a style of its own and boho-chic is as well.

But I’d like to make a case for their love-child: the Mid-Century Bohemian Style

Let’s start off with why I like the Mid-Century style.

Mid-century Modern style originated in the ’50s and ’60s but has recently been revived. (I am not the best person to give you a full overview, so you can read more about Mid-century Modern Design HERE). The basic themes of this style are: sleek and clean design, geometric form and functionality.

A few clues that something is modeled after the midcentury style include:

  • Leggy Furniture (look for tapered, splayed or swivel legs)
  • Wood details
  • Tight cushions in sofas or chairs
  • A “Retro” but clean look
  • Brass accents

I am drawn to the midcentury style because I appreciate the beauty of geometric form and because I don’t like clutter. Overall, I like the clean look and the fact that midcentury decor tends to be featured against white / neutral walls.

five mid-century styled home decor items: a bench, lamp. chair, planter and bar chair

Bench | Lamp | Armchair | Planter | Bar Chair

(Also, you might remember: I did a post a while ago that showed different chairs that can be paired with the mid-century inspired tulip table. Read that HERE).

Now, why do I like the Bohemian style:

Some features of bohemian decor:

  • Global inspired (kind of like you travel a lot and you bring home decor pieces from each place you visit)
  • Layering
  • Mixed textures and patterns
  • Natural elements (wood & plants)
  • Metallic / ornate detailing
four bohemian decor items: toilet paper hangers, a plant holder, a room divider and a vintage Persian rug

Toilet Roll Holders | Hanging Shelf | Room Divider | Rug

(Also, check out this GOOFY post I did about how much I love bohemian decor with pom-poms & tassels HERE)


A Midcentury Modern base makes a space timeless (without being old fashioned) meanwhile
Bohemian Detailing makes the space look lived in, cozy and interesting, with a sense of personality.

My ideal space is relaxing first and foremost. I shy away from busy rooms- I wouldn’t feel comfortable with four walls of jarring yellow or three rugs piled high. This is where the clean lines of Midcentury Modern call my name!

Here are some examples of mid-century + bohemian rooms:

Let’s start off with my recent room makeover: my mid-century bohemian guest bathroom.

a picture of the bathroom makeover which was made over in the bohemian Midcentury Modern style
a picture of a bedroom styled in the mid century and bohemian styles
The splayed legs of the nightstand and the structured wood headboard scream mid-century style while the macrame wall hanging and the rattan planters are more bohemian in style.
a picture of a living room styled in the midcentury bohemian style
In this living room, the sofa (note the tight cushions), the armchair with clean lines, the leggy coffee table and even the lamp are all midcentury in style. The pouf and tasseled rug are a few of the details that infuse bohemian style.

Hopefully, if you didn’t think they would work together before, you now appreciate the beauty of this home decor style fusion.

Whats your favorite home decor style?
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