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10 Unique GIFTS FOR GUYS Under $10 (updated for 2021)

I think everyone agrees that guys are the hardest to shop for, especially on a budget! Well don’t you worry because every year, I’m bringing you a hot list of cheap gifts for guys that are all listed for under $10 (at the time I published the post).

These are excellent (and clever) gift ideas for the following groups of people.

  • Stocking Stuffers For Your Husband, Children or Boyfriend / Fiance
  • Gift Exchanges or White Elephant
  • Gifts For Classmates or Coworkers
  • Cheap Gifts for Relatives
  • or just for a Cheap Gag Gift

These ideas will not only show them that you care enough to get a gift, it will also show them that you are thoughtful or have a sense of humor.

Cheap Gifts For Guys Under $10

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**

1| Coaster Bottle Opener – the perfect gift for the home bar or his man cave is this coaster that also opens drinks!
2| Personalized Beer Glass – etched with his name or monogram for a personal touch
3| Man In The Arena” Digital Print – print off this super inspirational quote by Theodore Roosevelt and frame it for an instant gift
4| Wood Photo Holder
– include a photo that he can display anywhere (at work or at home)
5| Monogram Spa Slippers
– pamper him with these warm & comfy slippers customized with the wording of your choice
Wood Yo-Yo (personalized) – for the kid at heart!
7| Custom Face Socks – great gag gift! Get your face or his face on some high-quality socks
8| Personalized Journal / Sketchbook – to show that you cherish his thoughts, hopes, plans and art/drawings
9| Cord Organizer – the best gift for a pet lover! They can organize their earphones, chargers, cords, etc etc
“Wood-sy” Soap – known for its amazing smell and moisturizing properties

Cheap Gifts For Guys Under $10

**Prices were under $10 at the original time of publishing this post. Prices may have changed**

1| Mini Waffle Maker

This MINI WAFFLE MAKER MACHINE is an amazing cheap gift for ANYONE to be honest.
What’s better, if you can spend a couple more dollars, you can get THIS MINI TABLETOP GRILL!

2| Potty Golf

Funny Gag Gift no?
I think this TOILET GOLF SET is a good gift for the golf lover in your life or simply, the guy who gets bored easily…even while on the potty.

3| Be STRONG & COURAGEOUS Journal (w/ quotes!)

This JOURNAL is an inspirational gift.
Not only does it have empty pages for reflective journaling, it also includes inspirational quotes and words of encouragement on every page.

(Just think about how impactful a journal like this would be for New Years).

4| RFID Blocking Wallet

This RFID BLOCKING WALLET blocks RFID signals that can scan the contents of your wallet and steal information from your drivers license, credit cards and debit cards just by someone walking past you.
Even though this is popular amongst travelers, it seems like a must-have for the every day man these days, doesn’t it?

5| 6-in-1 Pen Gadget

Each PEN GADGET features a: ruler, pen, touchscreen stylus, spirit level, flat head screwdriver and phillips screwdriver.
Perfect for the handy or techy guy in your life!

6| Funny Socks

A gift idea that will get laughs when you gift it and every time it’s worn.

7| Magnetic Tool Wristband

Another gift idea for the handy guy in your life who loves home improvement.
This MAGNETIC WRISTBAND holds screws, nails, bolts, pins, etc to make construction projects that much easier. GREAT addition to his toolbox!

8| Themed Bag Tag

Check out all these CHARACTER-THEMED BAG TAGS to find the one that suits your guy the best!

9| Beard Brush & Tools

Beards are still IN.
So, for the guy in your life who wants to grow his beard OR for the guy who already has one, get this bamboo BEARD SET.

Each set has a: pocket-size beard brush, mustache comb & mustache scissors all in a really nice gift box.
Just add a bow or ribbons on top and VOILA!

10| Touchscreen Winter Gloves

These WINTER GLOVES keep him warm but still functional.
(I think we can all agree that it is very annoying to take your gloves off in the freezing winter and risk frostbite, just to use your phone).

BONUS!! – For The Sports Lover…

Get him some SPORTS GEAR, even if it’s something small!

There you have it, Ten, actually ELEVEN cheap gifts for guys under $10. Bringing you value without breaking the bank!
What more can you ask for?

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