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The Ultimate Memory-Making Bucket List of Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Here you go, friend! A list of 75 epic ideas to add to your Before 30 Bucket List.

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If there’s one thing I have learned over the past week, it’s that no matter how young or healthy you are, tomorrow isn’t promised and every day of life should be cherished.

So if you’re headed towards 30 years of life, the most heartfelt of congratulations to you!

And if you’re looking to make the most of your every minute, why don’t you create a “before 30 bucket list” that will remind and motivate you to live life to the fullest.

Create the Ultimate 30th Birthday Bucket List

For many people, turning 30 is a major milestone.

Many of us spend our 20s in school, working towards careers and generally figuring out what adulthood is all about. Because of that, our 30s are seen as the years where we should finally “have it all figured out”.

I know, I know, that’s an unfair expectation. A lot of us are still figuring out life well into our 30s and even longer after. Even still, that mindset is out there.

Because of that, many people use the years leading up to their 30s as an opportunity to become their best self! To overcome fears, seek out the unknown and discover new layers of themselves.

And so, they create a bucket list!
Not sure what that is? Well, a classic bucket list is a list of goal activities that you would like to do before you “kick the bucket” aka leave this earth. In this case, a Before 30 Bucket List is a list of activities that you would like to do before you turn 30.

If you’re asking yourself “what should I do before I turn 30“? This is the post for you!
Whether you choose to do a formal 30 before 30 challenge, or casually looking for things to do before your 30th birthday, I’ve got a lot of juicy ideas for you.

To make it easier for you to find ideas for every personality-type and walk of life, this list is broken down into the following sections:

  • “Crazy” Things To Do Before 30
  • The Wanderlust Bucket List
  • Financial Goals
  • “Just To Say You Did” Activities
  • Health & Wellness Goals
  • Self Improvement Activities
  • “Before 30” Women’s Edition
  • “Before 30” Men’s Edition

Just keep in mind that these are just examples to inspire you. You can definitely get creative.
If it excites you, if you dream about it and if it sounds fun or meaningful, it has a place on your before 30 bucket list!

“Crazy” Things To Do Before 30 

A lot of the times when people hear ‘bucket list’, they immediately think about super risky, adrenaline pumping, unusual activities. Even though there is much more to it than that, I can see why people think this way.

These types of activities can help you conquer fear and make you feel “alive”. They make you step outside of your comfort zone which in turn, leads you to grow and transform into a more edgy version of yourself. I totally get it!
If you’re looking to add some intense activities to your turning 30 bucket list, here are some ideas:

  1. See At Least One Wonder of the World (here’s the list)
  2. Swim with Sharks or Dolphins
  3. Go White Water Rafting
  4. Climb a Mountain
  5. Ride on a Hot Air Balloon
  6. Go Bungee Jumping or Skydiving
  7. Attempt to Break a World Record (check out Guinness’ world record database here)
  8. Go Skinny-Dipping

The Wanderlust Bucket List 

There is a reason why making a travel bucket list before 30 is a popular thing to do.
Traveling expands your understanding of the world, which is a valuable gift to have as you get older and interact with more and more people. Traveling also has a way of putting things into perspective because it takes you out of your familiar cocoon and shows you just how big that life is.

The bucket list items below all have to do with exploration and travel. While traveling abroad gets most of the attention, remember that there are plenty of adventures to be had in your own neck of the woods.

  1. Take a Cross-Country Road Trip
  2. Visit Disneyland or Disney World
  3. Take a Solo Trip
  4. Go on a Cruise
  5. See a Broadway Performance
  6. Spend the Night on a Beach
  7. Go Camping
  8. Fly First-Class
  9. Explore a Foreign Country or Better Yet – A Different Continent 
  10. Hike in a National Park

Organize Your Financial Life Before Age 30

Getting your finances in order should be on everyone’s list of things to do before 30. It might seem weird to start thinking about financial freedom and even retirement this early on in life but financial gurus seem to agree that it’s never too early to start.

That being said, take a hard look at your money habits and think about what you can improve. Adding a few of these financial goals to your bucket list is something that you won’t regret.

  1. Start Investing
  2. Clear Your Student Loans
  3. Clear Your Credit Card Debt
  4. Create a Passive Source of Income
  5. Create a Budget and Stick to It
  6. Open a Retirement Account
  7. Start an Emergency Fund
  8. Build Your Savings Account to a Set Amount of Money (that you decide on)

“Just to Say You Did” Activities 

While I don’t believe in “keeping up with the Joneses”, I have to admit that there are some activities that are considered “standard” or “expected” for your 30th birthday bucket list. Does that mean you need to add them to your list? Of course not! But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the following activities which you can choose to add to your list.

  1. Sing Karaoke in Public
  2. Go Wine Tasting
  3. Take a Cooking Class
  4. Learn How to Play an Instrument
  5. Meet Your Favorite Celebrity
  6. Attend a Musical Concert
  7. Have a Solo Photoshoot
  8. Eat a Once-in-a-Lifetime Meal at a Famous Restaurant
  9. Host a Party
  10. Learn to Swim or Do a Water Activity (e.g. kayaking, surfing, diving)

Make Health & Wellness a Priority

At age 30, it’s time to take your health seriously. And I’m not just talking about your physical health; that would include your mental health, emotional health and spiritual health as well.

Your 20s are the perfect time to rid yourself of harmful habits that are detrimental to your wellness. By the time you reach 30, taking good care of yourself will feel like second nature.
Start today by adding some of the following to your bucket list-

  1. Grow Your Own Food in a Garden
  2. Try 30 days of a Diet that Is Different From Your Usual
  3. Start an Exercise Program
  4. Quit an Addiction
  5. Schedule & Complete a Therapy Session
  6. Run a 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon or Marathon
  7. Get a Massage
  8. Go on a Spiritual Retreat
  9. Get a Full Medical Checkup
  10. Start a Journal

Self Improvement Activities

Your 20s are a wonderful time to heavily invest in yourself. Most likely, at this point in life, you have minimal responsibilities or health limitations. Take advantage of that!

Adding self improvement activities to your bucket list is a way to help you focus on becoming the best you while you actually can! Here are some ideas:

  1. Join a MasterClass (classes from the world’s best)
  2. Pick a Cause To Be Passionate About
  3. Learn a New Language
  4. Read 30 New Books
  5. Join a Yoga Class
  6. Forgive a Longstanding Grudge From Your Past
  7. Go After Your Dream Career
  8. Negotiate a Raise
  9. Donate Blood
  10. Take a Self Defense Class
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“Before 30” Women’s Edition 

There’s nothing really gender-specific about making a bucket list, but perhaps you are creating this list during a girls night in or a vision board party with your girlfriends. If so, you might choose to draw inspiration from this following section. Making this a group activity is an awesome way to accomplish these bucket list ideas before 30.

  1. Take a Girls Trip
  2. Buy the Perfect Black Dress
  3. Knit a Scarf
  4. Get a Totally Different Hair Cut (or Hair Color!)
  5. Start a Business
  6. Get a Complete Makeover
  7. Take a Makeup Class
  8. Create A Scrapbook
  9. Purchase a Luxurious Gift for Yourself

“Before 30” Men’s Edition  

Respectively, the fellas (and really anyone else) can draw inspiration from this section.

This is the opportunity to create the you that you wish to be and discover new things about yourself. It’s important to never take that for granted!

  1. Take Flying Lessons
  2. Test-Drive Your Dream Car
  3. Complete a 24-Hour Movie Marathon
  4. Buy Yourself an Expensive Watch
  5. Hire a Stylist to Start Dressing Well
  6. Take a Dance Class
  7. Get a Mentor
  8. Start a Collection
  9. Join a Community Group or Club
  10. Attend a Major Sports Event

And there ya go! All the inspiration you need to create your ultimate bucket list before 30.

Remember that the point isn’t to stress yourself out trying to accomplish absolutely everything on your list.

If you don’t get to all of them by the time you turn 30, roll these ideas right onto your “before 40 bucket list”, your “before 50 bucket list”, so on and so forth.

The point is to have something that reminds you to live your best life at every age.

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