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How to Host a Successful Vision Board Party + Everything You Need

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to throw a fun & meaningful vision board party.

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Have you ever made a vision board? It’s such a fun, creative and hands-on way to visualize your dreams and stay focused on making them a reality. 

I was thinking about that the other day, and then it hit me…

I need to host another vision board party!

What a perfect way to motivate my friends to make.stuff.happen – especially after such a hard year (2 years? I’m losing track!). 

So today, I want to walk you through what it takes to throw the most epic vision board party your friends will never forget. 

Ok, What’s a Vision Board Party? 

A vision board party is an event where you gather with friends and family, and everyone thinks about the goals they want to achieve in the upcoming future (usually in the next year). 

Many include their New Years Resolutions.

Well, the party is all about creating a visual reminder of those goals.

To keep your dreams and aspirations front and center throughout the year, you use poster boards (or those thick styrofoam type boards), snippets from magazines, and craft supplies to create a collage of what your goals would look like in real life. 

Ultimately, the goal of a board party is for each person to make something that keeps them motivated and accountable throughout the year. 

The end result is a gift in-and-of itself!

I’ve made plenty of vision boards in my adult life, and each one has brought me closer to achieving my life goals. 

From that experience, I have a few vision board party ideas that I want to share, so that you can host your own successful party. 

How to Plan & Host Your Vision Board Party Step-by-Step

Making a vision board itself might sound like a time-suck, not to mention planning an entire party around it. 

However, if you do it right, they are SO worth your time.

These parties can be just as much fun as your regular weekend get-togethers but way more memorable.

Here’s a list of what you need to do for a vision board party (it really is simple!):

1. Choose A Party Theme 

You can really choose any board party theme that you want. Customize it to fit your specific group of friends!

One strategy is to focus on one specific area of life. To name a few, some good vision board party ideas for adults includes themes like: dream job, relationships, or personal success.

Another strategy that keeps it simple is to use the year as your theme. Basically, you would plan your typical New Year’s Eve party complete with balloons, champagne & 2022 decorations, and then make vision boarding one of the party activities.

For a unique vision board party with a twist, you can do a lottery theme. Which is based around the question “what would your life be like if you won the lottery (if money weren’t an issue)”.

You also have the option to take a vote, see what your circle of friends prefer and then go from there. 

This helps everyone feel like they have input on the party and motivate them to start thinking about the areas of their life that they want to improve (and maybe hadn’t thought of before). 

Last example (but far from the least)- how fun would it be to plan a vision board bachelorette party?!

2. Plan an Icebreaker 

You need to have an exciting vision board party icebreaker to get everyone comfortable during the first hour of the party. 

This is especially important if you are throwing the party with coworkers or different groups of friends that don’t know each other very well.

The icebreaker can include everyone sharing a funny story or sharing their expectations for the party or one positive tip or quote from each guest. 

You can also go the traditional party way and start off with something fun and active like karaoke sessions. That is sure to loosen everyone up!

3. Create Your Menu (Hint: Keep It Snacky) 

Creating a vision board takes time, so make sure to have food, snacks and drinks to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied. 

A typical vision board party menu consists of nachos and chips, salsa dips, cheese and crackers, fruit plates, light cookies, and of course, some drink favorites to keep everyone refreshed. 

4. Next, Gather What You Need for Your Fun Vision Board Party: Supplies & Decorations 

The best vision board parties are those where your guests can just get started on their boards without having to wait around or run to the store.

This means that you need to have all of the necessary vision board party supplies set up and ready to go, before the guests arrive. 

Here’s what you need:

The Boards (Of Course!)

You want enough for each guest to have their own board. (I’d even say buy 1 or 2 extra just in case someone brings an unexpected guest or a mishap occurs).

Be sure to get a board sturdy enough to hold all of the craft supplies that you’ve chosen. 

I’ve used poster boards successfully in the past, but those cardboard tri-fold displays or thick styrofoam boards can work too. (I like a good thick board like this one).


Magazines are a generous source of pictures, quotes, and words for everyone to cut out to represent their goals and dreams.

If you don’t have any (or enough) magazines at home, visit your local library, doctor & dentist offices, salons and/or thrift stores to see if you can snag some for free (or really cheap).

You can also ask your guests to bring any pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, or magazines they have at home and want to get rid of.

The best vision board parties have plenty of written materials to choose through. 

Craft Supplies

To maximize the impact of your vision boards, they have to be pretty. I’m a firm believer of that.
For the prettiest dream boards, make sure you have all kinds of craft supplies ready. 

These include:

  • regular scissors
  • decorative edge scissors
  • regular glue
  • glitter glues
  • sharpies or markers
  • paint
  • glitter 
  • lace
  • stick-on pearls
  • various types of beads
  • ribbon 

Printing Area (with Computer & Printer)

Okay, so there’s just one little hitch in this here plan so far. And that is- magazines are growing more and more scarce because everything is going digital. 

No problem! I got you! Just set up a printing station with internet access so guests can browse online for pictures and affirmations.  

Check out this HP instant photo printer. It prints smartphone photos on sticky-backed paper instantly and wirelessly. Y’all can even customize each snap with frames, emojis, etc.
GAME CHANGER, am I right!??

If you plan to use a standard printer, make sure it’s stocked with colored ink so that the visualizations are printed as bright and colorful as possible.

(You might want to have a spare cartridge on hand just in case). 

And that, my friend, is really all you need for a vision board party! 

You can jazz it up with all kinds of decorations and such, but there’s also something beautiful about keeping it simple and intimate. 

How Much Does a Vision Board Party Cost? 

The cost of a vision board party varies depending on the arrangement. 

Some people go all in and get event planners for these parties, do promotions, and even sell tickets to make a profit (like if it’s a community-wide thing). 

I personally like keeping these events as cozy as possible.

The cost of such a party can be kept to a minimum if hosted at your home with your typical finger foods and refreshments. 

You just have to account for the cost of the food like in any other party and get some extra boards and supplies. 

You can usually find packs of poster boards at the dollar store for dirt cheap.

Also, bear in mind that it’s totally possible to do this virtually. All you need is a video conference program like Zoom!

Interested in virtual party planning? Check out these fun virtual party ideas.

How Long Should a Vision Board Party Last? 

A vision board party should last 4 to 5 hours max

Making the actual vision board takes around 2 hours if you plan on being detailed. 

The rest of the time can be spent playing games, enjoying snacks and drinks, and just hanging out.

Some people conclude their parties with a “share time” where each person talks through what they put on their board and why. That’s how I like to end mine.

However, I recommend surveying your guests first before doing that though as I know a few friends who’d rather keep theirs private (and your people may be the same way). 

Not Quite on “Board”? Here’s Why You Should Host a Vision Board Party 

Haha, see what I did there? 😉

Hosting a vision board party has more benefits than one, and if done right, it can really supercharge your mindset

For instance, while brainstorming aspects of your life that you want to improve—and mapping them out on a board—you might just have an “aha” lightbulb moment for how to make it happen. 

Besides, if you’re up to it, sharing your goals with your friends and family can help you gain valuable insight, and the accountability may be what you need to make it happen. 

Beyond that, a vision board party can help you achieve your dreams and make progress toward your goals in a really fun way!

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