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Budget-Luxury Amazon Home Decor Finds

Budget Luxury Amazon Home Decor Finds

I’m turning a corner when it comes to my home decor priorities.

I’m on this bridge between
I’m trying to start my life, I can’t afford investment home decor pieces
I’m grown! This girl has graduated past Ikea

Don’t get me wrong- I stay on a budget. I am definitely not at the level where I feel comfortable spending like $500 on a vase. What am I talking about, I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending $100 on a vase!!

However, I’m also at a point in my life where I don’t want cheap looking home decor and accessories.
It makes me feel tacky and a wee bit childish.

So when I’m shopping online these days, I look for “BUXURY” items.

Lol yes you heard that right- BUXURY- a word I made up that means BUDGET-LUXURY.

Buxury items are those items that remind me of West Elm or Anthropologie but with Target or Amazon prices, you get me?
They may have ornate texturing or they may have clean and simple lines- either way they scream classiness. They look custom and make people ask where you got it from.

That’s what I like.

Well, I’ve been doing some Amazon window shopping (trying to get ready for summer events) and I made a list of the budget-luxury home decor accessories that caught my eye.

And as always, I’m sharing them with y’all.
Check them out!

budget luxury home decor finds from Amazon

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To see each item, click the corresponding number and you’ll be taken directly to the item on Amazon:

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Budget Luxury Home Decor
Found On Amazon

1| Handcrafted Rattan Mirror, to add a custom but down to earth feel

2| Crisp White Hobnail Patterned Planter Pots, to add just the right amount of texture to your modern or scandinavian styled home

3| Knit Pouf, for something stylish yet functional

4| Gold Hand Towel Tree– this would be a nice touch for a guest bathroom. It really gives off that hotel vibe.

5| Highly Scented & Gorgeous Premium Soy Candle– The matte black packaging is so attractive that this would also make a very stylish gift.

***side note, they also donate a portion of their earnings towards fighting child trafficking around the world!

6| Cast Iron Teapot, with a stainless steel infuser inside for stovetop tea brewing.

7| Natural Solid Wood Wall Hooks, for a small but high quality detail

8| This Elegant Wine Decanter & Cork Stopper, designed in Italy and made in Europe that looks like it will impress everyone on your dinner table or home bar.
(when out of stock, this one is similar)

9| Gold & Vegan Leather Magazine Holder, for a hint of luxury in your home office or at work!

10| Seagrass Counter Stools, for a little bit of contemporary, a little bit of coastal and a little bit of boho.
(when out of stock, these ones are similar)

11| Velvet Blackout Curtains – what is more luxury than velvet!?

12| 6-Foot Olive Tree with perfect reviews! It looks extremely realistic!
(when out of stock, this one is similar)

13| Amber Glass Bottles for simple but pretty everyday use.

14| This Hand-Carved Blanket Ladder is high-quality and is versatile to dress up walls in multiple rooms.

15| This is really REALLY pretty. It’s a Vintage Wood Plaque with floral art, perfect to add an aged detail to your rustic or farmhouse decor.

16| Cream-colored Velvet Ottoman, for use as a seat, footstool or coffee table!

17| If you love the boho style, this Peacock Rattan Headboard is for you!

18| Natural Wood Serving Bowl, handcrafted by artisans.

19|This highly recommended Faux Leather Pillow.

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Are there any items on the list that impressed you? Do you have any to suggest?

Let me know in the comments!


**I work really hard to only include products rated at least 4 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, reviews may change**

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