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Stylish & Contemporary Plant Stands You Can Buy Online (2021)

Houseplants have been having a major moment for a while now! No modern room is complete without one.

Strangely, something that hasn’t gotten the attention they deserve are: PLANT STANDS!

It’s a shame because a good, and especially TALL, plant stand can:

1 | Give a plant more height & thereby, give it more presence in a room.
(Pro Tip: use a stand to give a table plant a floor plant effect)

2 | Reinforce the home decor style of a room. You can find stands that are industrial, bohemian, farmhouse, modern, etc!

That being said, I’ve decided to give plant stands some of the attention they deserve (I’ve got their back!).

Below, I’m rounded up some budget-friendly, tall, contemporary plant stands- all of which you can purchase online!

All of these plant stands will hold your plant AT LEAST one foot off the ground (but most are much higher).

– Prices change rapidly so visit the links for current prices
– I work hard to include products rated at least 4 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, reviews may change

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!

Contemporary Plant Stands
(Updated For 2021)

14 pictures of contemporary plant stands

Where To Get Each Plant Stand

1. Black & Gold Honeycomb Patterned Plant Stands (Set of 2)

2. Ceramic Planter Pot & Havana Brown Wood Stand

3. Gold & Gray Foldable Metal Table / Plant Stand

4. Black Standing Pot Planter

5. All Gold Glam Planters (Set of 2)

6. Stackable (or separated) Midcentury Bamboo Plant Stands (adjustable width!)

7. Plant Baskets on Wood Legs (Set of 3!)

8. Leaf Patterned Bronze & Black Planter Pot & Stand

9. Cement Gray Metal Plant Pot w. Gold Legs

10. Gold Metal Rod Plant Pots (Set of 2)

11. White Cylinder Planter Pots with Stands (Set of 2)

12. Bucket Plant Stand Set (Set of 2)

13. Rattan Plant Pot (from Ikea)

14. Matte Black Standing Plant Pot

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Contemporary Plant Stands

a poster of 12 different tall, modern and stylish plant stands

Where To Get Each Plant Stand

1. Modern White Planter w/ Black Metal Plant Stand

2. Gold Midcentury Planter & Stand

3. Black Tripod-Style Planter

4. Corkscrew Plant Stand

5. Iron Planter w/ Legs

6. Spherical Planter (no reviews on this one yet!)

7. Black & Wood Plant Stand

8. Wood Midcentury Plant Stand

9. Two-Tier Rattan Plant Stand

10. Brass Planter w/ Black Stand

11. Iron & Brass Pot Planter Set – less than a $100 for the pair!!

12. Pedestal Plant Stand

Bonus: (DIY) Stylish Copper Plant Stand

You’ve got to check out a gorgeous DIY I found:

Snag this cheap plant stand &
make it over like Sarah Sherman Samuel did here.

So, what do you think?
If you found a plant stand for your home or simply love this round up, let me know down below in the comments!

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