DIY Picture Frame with Flowers (How To Step-by-Step)

This post is to show you to make a DIY picture frame of flowers

diy flower picture frame
How To: DIY Flower Picture Frame

I am so excited about this DIY because well…. I’m not usually that good at DIY.

Let me tell you, I have destroyed (or abandoned) many a project!

I say that to emphasize just how easy and straightforward this flower frame craft is.

I was looking for a bit of colorful, spring-themed creative relief so I came up with the idea of DIY-ing a floral photo frame.

In less than an hour, I took a plain frame and turned it into a celebration of spring/summer and femininity.

(Can you believe it was my first time using a hot glue gun!?)

This project is fast, affordable, fun to make and highly impactful (super high end look if I do say so myself).

It is a go-to craft for the spring, summer, to be given as a gift, for mother’s day, Valentines Day (or Galentines Day) or just because.
My sister also pointed out that it would be the perfect frame to decorate an office or cubicle.

To recreate this fun project, keep reading for all the details!

DIY Flower Picture Frame

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diy picture frame with flowers
DIY Picture Frame with Flowers

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What you need for this project

  • Frame
  • Faux Flowers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • **Optional** – Wire Cutter
floral photo frame project flat lay

Choosing A Frame

This DIY begins with a base: THE FRAME.

I bought several different frames to see which one would be best for this project.
Some were made of foam and some were made of unfinished wood.

Between the two types, I feel that the unfinished wood frames are better for a project that you wish to gift or use as home decor.
They are much more sturdy and have a cleaner finish, while the foam frames were more flimsy and came in really bright colors.
You may prefer the foam frames if you do this project with children.

I bought two different types of wood frames: one with a standard kickstand to prop the frame up and the other with pegs.
I ended up choosing the frame with the kickstand because it more closely resembles the build of a classic photo frame.

photo frame and faux flowers for the floral photo frame
Supplies for the flower picture frame project

Can you do this project with a finished, store-bought frame? PROBABLY.
But, because of the finish and design on the frame, you may find it harder to get the flowers glued onto the frame. 

Which is why I stuck with the unfinished wood.

Ultimately, you will also have to decide what size frame that you are looking for. I chose the 4×6 frame, however would have loved to try a larger frame. The smaller the frame, the more busy the flowers will look and the more they will take away from the picture inside the frame. So keep that in mind.

Choosing Faux Flowers

Choosing the flowers for this picture frame project is mainly a matter of style.

Just make sure that you pay attention to size.

Big flower buds may not fit on the frame of your choice and individual flower petals, on the other hand, might make the task way more complicated (trust me, I tried it).

To find flowers that you like, you can go to your local dollar store, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Target, and any other craft store.
For convenience sake, I bought my flowers from Amazon.

close up of faux flowers for diy flower picture frame
Aren’t these faux flowers so pretty & springy/summery?

I chose to use this faux bouquet and these faux roses from Amazon, because of their color assortment (spring vibesss) as well as their size and the greenery included.

It gave me everything I was hoping for it to give me.

(Full disclosure – I also tried out these faux hydrangeas and they were a FAIL (too bulky and hard to maneuver).

Putting Your Flower Picture Frame Together

Once you have chosen your frame and your flowers, it is time for the fun part: putting together your floral frame.

step by step tutorial for floral frame
Step-by-Step – glue and stick, glue and stick….

Grab your hot glue gun.

(And maybe also a wire cutter depending on the faux flowers that you choose. I found that the ones I bought were easily cut by regular scissors).

Now, all you have to do is to cut the stems off of individual flowerbeds and leaves and place them around the frame in a way that you find pleasing. When you are satisfied, glue down each flower and leaf.

Check out my finished product here below!

(I’ve placed a picture inside the frame so that you can see what your end goal is).

engagement photo in a diy picture frame with flowers
My sister & her hubster on their engagement shoot… I’m going to gift her this!

A creative alternative to framing a picture is to frame a motivational quote or poem, like my popular “Phenomenal Woman poem print (by Maya Angelou)” from Etsy.
(Just imagine framing that poem and giving it as an ultra feminine and empowering gift! I love that idea!)

…Printable Directions…..

Yield: 1-2 Frames

DIY Picture Frame with flowers

step by step diy of flower picture frame

This floral picture frame is easy, affordable to make and versatile.
Not only can you use it as Spring or Summer home decor, you can insert a picture or quote print and gift it for Mother's Day, birthdays, Valentine's Day or just because.
Here are all the supplies and steps to make it happen!


  1. Unpack your supplies and tools
  2. Clip flower buds and leaves off of the stems and lay them out in a general patter that is aesthetically pleasing to you
  3. Insert a glue stick into your glue gun and plug the glue gun in
  4. Place flowers/leaves and glue; Place and glue. Place and glue.
  5. At the end, if you have stringy pieces of glue left on the project, you can use a hair dryer to melt them away

Recommended Products

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Really simple, am I right?

Glue and stick….glue and stick….glue and stick….

(By the way: If you like the look but are not in the mood for DIY, you can buy a floral photo frame here).

I very much enjoyed making this DIY picture frame with flowers and I plan to make more to give as gifts!
Comment below if this is a project that you plan to try!

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