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Real INFERTILITY STORIES: 14 Journeys to Parenthood

If you are looking for hope, these Infertility Stories are sure to help you realize that you are not alone.

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No one really “gets” infertility like those who have lived through it themselves.

It’s one of those clubs that no one really wants to be a part of (but somehow, we involuntarily became members of).

Ironically, it feels nothing like a club. There are no meetings, there is no clubhouse, there are no secret handshakes. None of that. Infertility is notoriously LONELY.

In almost every infertility blog I have ever read, there is a sentence that reads something like “I felt so alone…I had no one to talk to that understood…1 in 8 couples are affected by infertility so why is it such a taboo topic?

Like I’ve told you guys before….when my personal journey with infertility gets really difficult, the only thing that is guaranteed to bring comfort to my anxious little heart is to read other stories from other women who have gone through a similar struggle and made it to the other side.

That’s right…. even though I encourage positive fertility affirmations, bible verses on fertility, and support from other people, they may not always provide the soul-hug that you need.

Sometimes, when there is no light at the end of this dysfunctional-fertility tunnel and it feels like it is hard to breathe, it makes you feel less of a failure to read another woman say “yes…it took a long time and a lot of pain but here I am with my babies”.
It makes a huge difference every time.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to find infertility stories that you can relate to, especially, when it is treated like such a taboo topic.

14 Women Share Their Infertility Stories

Thank God for the selfless individuals that allow us a glimpse into their private experiences and their painful moments.

I searched far and wide across the interwebs to find blog posts in which women have shared their walk through infertility, pregnancy loss and fertility treatments extensively (not just little snippets).
In each of these stories, you will find the intimate befores, durings and afters and I hope that it brings you all the hope that you are looking for.

Make sure to visit each of their blogs to read more about their lives.

Infertility Stories

14 infertility journeys to help you understand that you are not alone and that you can survive this.
May you find hope, comfort and inspiration as you read these stories.

I hope that reading about these infertility walks helps you feel less isolated, less helpless and found a way to exhale. I hope that you understand that you are bigger than this, that you have a future and that there is an end point to your struggles.

I thank and admire each of these ladies for the bravery they’ve demonstrated by sharing their infertility stories.

Remember that National Infertility Awareness Week happens every April. I encourage you to try and contribute to the cause in any way that you can.

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