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35 Powerful Fertility Affirmations to Conceive a Baby

In this post, you will find FERTILITY AFFIRMATIONS to help you stay positive, remain hopeful & prepare your body & mind for your future baby.

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Affirmations For Fertility

Do you ever get stuck on the “What if“s?

What if I never get pregnant…?
What if this is my cross to bear in life- get pregnant, miscarry, cry, repeat…
What if I’m just too old?
What if my marriage doesn’t survive this…?
What if I don’t survive this…?
What if motherhood never happens for me?

The hardest thing about that stupid “What if” cycle is that it feeds itself.

It pulls in people and scenarios that you really have no business being worried about.

But, thought after thought after thought, they just keep coming.

A quote that gets me through this depressing mind-sabotage is- “Don’t believe everything you think“.

A bit counterintuitive, right?

It’s like well, if I think it…don’t I already believe it?

Not quite.

I wrote a post a while back titled “How To Be More Positive.”

One of the pointers that I make in there is that you have to tell your mind what to stay occupied with.

Your mind isn’t always under your conscious control and sometimes, it can get carried away by your emotions.

And let’s tell the truth- emotions are wishy washy!

It takes practice and work, but it is important to learn how to replace those “what-ifs” with daily positive thoughts that feed your mind the exact opposite of what your fears are trying to feed you.

Positive thinking is everything!

That is why I have been obsessed with all kinds of affirmations lately: self love affirmations, job affirmations, affirmations for beauty and even affirmations to find love with someone specific!

For the fertility and pregnancy affirmations that will align your mind & body on your journey to conceive a baby, keep reading.

Can Positive Fertility Affirmations Really Help Me Conceive?

Let’s address the doubts I’m sure you’re feeling right now. 

There’s a lot of evidence out there that supports the idea that “where your thoughts go, your life follows”.

I truly believe that like the Bible says, we have the power of life in our tongues and we can speak things into existence.

  • Fertility Affirmations promote HOPE and repel FEAR
  • They help you self-soothe and decrease the stress and tension in your body (which promotes fertility)
  • They encourage self love and help you learn to appreciate your body again
  • They get you through the 2 week wait!

How To Use Affirmations & Mantras To Conceive and Get Pregnant

1 | Print and frame them so that you can see and internalize them every single day

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2 | Record them and listen to them, even as you fall asleep 

3 | Recite them to yourself, out loud, in front of a mirror 

4 | Incorporate them into your prayers 

5 | Write them on Post-Its and leave them around the house to find at random times

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35 Positive Fertility Affirmations 

Affirmations work best when they are specific. 

With that in mind, I’ve broken them down according to the different phases of our monthly cycles. 

First Week of Your Monthly Cycle: Affirmations for Menstruation

Week 1 starts with the first day of your period (aka menstrual cycle). 

While shedding its built-up uterine lining, the body is already starting the process of prepping your ovaries. 

So now is the time to start those daily fertility affirmations by focusing on being confident in your body:

  1. I have confidence in my body.
  2. My body was made to carry and deliver a healthy baby.
  3. My womb is strong & capable.
  4. When I get my period, it means that my body is working.
  5. This wait and journey are temporary.
  6. I welcome and make room for new life.
  7. I am joyful, I am loved and I have a purpose, despite this chapter in my life.
  8. My body knows exactly what it is doing.
  9. I am blessed and grateful.
  10. I trust myself and know that everything happens as it should.

Second Week of Your Monthly Cycle: Affirmations for Follicular Phase

The follicular phase technically starts the same day as your period and lasts until you ovulate. 

During this time, your body increases estrogen secretion in preparation for releasing an egg. 

Now is the time to focus your fertility mantras for healthy eggs:

  1. I carry seeds of life within my ovaries.
  2. With each passing day, I get closer to conceiving and delivering my baby.
  3. I have what it takes to create a healthy environment for our unborn child.
  4. I am grateful for every moment of my life.
  5. The best things are worth the wait. 
  6. My pituitary gland was perfectly designed to produce the right amount of hormones.
  7. My body is prepared for successful implantation. 
  8. My body is balanced at every level. 
  9. My eggs are healthy, plentiful and happy to be released.

Third Week of Your Monthly Cycle: Mantras for Conceiving During Ovulation

During week 3, you’re entering the most fertile part of your month.

Your hormones are at their peak, and egg quality is high. During this time, you are probably noticing an increase in your sex drive. 

Now is the time to focus on positive mantras for getting pregnant:

  1. I am fertile and worthy of conception.
  2. My body has everything it needs for successful conception.
  3. I’m ready to create something beautiful.
  4. My womb is strong. 
  5. I grow more fertile every day. 
  6. I am ready to conceive.
  7. I feel safe and supported. 
  8. I am grateful for my spouse’s love. 

Fourth Week of Your Monthly Cycle: Affirmations During the Luteal Phase

During week 4, the follicles developed during phase 2 close and form what’s known as a corpus luteum.

Its job is to produce large amounts of progesterone in anticipation of a successful pregnancy. 

So now is the time to break out those post-conception pregnancy mantras:

  1. My womb welcomes and nurtures the perfect embryo.
  2. I will be the best mother I can be for my baby.
  3. I am filled with joy as I prepare myself mentally and physically for motherhood.
  4. I have faith that all things work together for good.
  5.  I am full of love and hope for our future family.
  6.  I am thankful for the gift of life.
  7.  I am looking forward to welcoming my baby home.
  8.  I feel hopeful and optimistic about becoming a mommy.

Incorporating fertility affirmations into your life is a way to remind yourself that you live an abundant life, despite this difficult chapter in your life.

Despite the circumstances, you can find confidence and have joy, peace, health and everything else you want in life.

What is the most meaningful fertility affirmation that you use to encourage yourself?

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