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A Firsthand PRESEED Review (+ Tips For Use)

I’ve been wanting to share this PreSeed review for a while.

Remember when I wrote 6 funny things about the TTC Journey?

You’ll remember that one (ironically) funny thing about the journey to fertility is that you become a product junkie and find yourself trying a lot of different products for getting pregnant.

Well, one of those products which I’ve tried is PreSeed.

PreSeed is a very very popular lubricant for conception.

Unfortunately, when you search the web, you get a lot of merchant information and barely any firsthand experience and information.
So, that’s what I’m sharing today. Keep reading for my personal experience with Pre-Seed

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This blog post is for INFORMATIONAL purposes only and should not be regarded as medical advice. I do not endorse or make any representation about this product.
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What is PreSeed &
Why is it so popular?

PreSeed is known to be a fertility friendly “lubricant”.

It was designed to mimic the body’s cervical mucus which:

  1. Encourages the mans little swimmers to swim more effectively toward the egg and
  2. Helps them live longer which increases their chances of fertilizing an egg

The reason PreSeed is so popular is because most lubricants damage the male gametes but PreSeed is formulated (by First Response- the pregnancy test people) to avoid this type of damage.

In this Australian study, 9 lubricants were tested and among them, PreSeed was found to have the least negative effect on how well the male reproductive cells functioned.
The little swimmers exposed to PreSeed had the highest motility and vitality when compared to the ones exposed to other lubricants.

If you are sensitive to ingredients, you can see the ingredients here

preseed ingredient list

How to use PreSeed

My package of PreSeed came with a 1.4 oz tube of lubricant and 9 applicators (plastic syringes).

a tube of preseed with syringe for the preseed review

To use Preseed:

  1. Take one applicator and push the plunger all the way in.
  2. Thread the applicator onto the tube opening.
  3. Gently squeeze the end of the tube until the plunger has lifted itself to how much lube you would like to use
    (The instructions say that most women use 2-3 g but keep reading to see what I thought of this recommendation).
  4. Untwist the applicator and hold the open part up towards the ceiling so you don’t spill any lubricant.
    Cap the tube.
  5. Insert the applicator in the vagina and press the plunger to release all of the lube.
  6. Throw away the applicator.

The general recommendation is to do this about 15 minutes before intercourse because this allows the lubricant time to spread throughout all the necessary places.


pro tip #1: If you find Preseed too slippery – you can apply it up to an hour before intercourse.
You can also apply less lubricant or wipe off any external lubricant after injecting it.

pro tip #2: The amount of uses you get from one container depends on how much you use.
If you use the amount they recommend on the tube, you might get about 9 uses.
However, if you use less (like most people) it could last you much longer.

Where to buy PreSeed

PreSeed is commonly purchased on Amazon [CHECK AVAILABILITY HERE].
It can also be purchased in stores like Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

My Experience Using PreSeed

Using The Syringe

The syringe is medium sized. I’ve included a picture here to show it’s size compared to a standard highlighter pen.
I did not find it large or uncomfortable when inserted at all.

Comparing a preseed syringe to a highlighter

Using PreSeed Itself

The consistency of PreSeed is watery.

When we started using it, we filled the syringe with 2-3 g like the instructions recommended.

That was wayyy too much lubricant. It oozed out of my lady bits when we used that much.

I was hesitant to use much less because I figured 2-3g was in the instructions so that’s how it was meant to be used. We used 2g and it felt less slippery but still very wet. I personally think 1-1.5g is ideal. (A lot of women in my trying to conceive groups seem to agree).

Keep in mind that women who suffer from dryness down there might benefit from using more.

This product does not have an unpleasant odor.

From My Husband’s Perspective

My husband felt that it was too wet and slippery, even when we used less lubricant.
Overall, he isn’t a fan and was not disappointed when we stopped using it.

PreSeed Side Effects

I have read reviews that mention that PreSeed “dries out fast” or “gets sticky” once inserted. I personally did not experience any of those symptoms.

In addition, there may be a low risk of burning sensation, numbing and irritation with use. I did not experience any of these side effects myself.

Did PreSeed work for me?

I wish I could say this gave us our BFP (Big Fat Positive). But it did not.

After 3+ cycles of using PreSeed lubricant, we did not successfully conceive.
I will give this disclaimer- the difficulties that I have had conceiving seem to be related to endometriosis, NOT inadequate or hostile cervical mucus.

So, while this product might meet other women’s needs, it does not meet mine at this time.

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My TTC JOURNEY continues…

Have you tried PreSeed?
If so, share your experience and PreSeed review below in the comments!
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