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TTC Journey: 6 Funny Things That Everyone Trying To Conceive Will Understand Right Away

On this (prolonged) road to fertility, There are six ironically funny things that I’ve noticed about the TTC Journey.

ttc journey - funny ironic things about trying to conceive or infertility

Overall, struggling with infertility is NOT funny. It’s an agonizing and heartbreaking process that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

One thing that helps me cope are the amazing TTC communities that can be found online.

As I discussed on my Fertility Journey page, I love logging onto sites like BabyCenter or WhatToExpect to read about other women’s infertility and TTC Journeys. Even though I don’t know them personally, I feel supported and validated by their experiences.

By reading those stories, I discovered that many hopeful moms and dads share these same experiences that I share below.

They say every time you can find humor in a bad situation, you win.
So, hey, we might as well laugh today!

6 Amusing Details About
The TTC Journey

1| Symptom-Stalking

One time, I visited an infertility forum and one of the women asked if excessive farting is a pregnancy symptom.
I could not help but to crack up in laughter!

Though it made me laugh, I identify with this part of the TTC journey so hard!

I’ve found myself googling things like “is yawning a lot a pregnancy symptom“. Or what about the time I searched “is eyebrow twitching a sign of pregnancy” knowing darn well that my eyes were probably twitching from looking at screens too long.

That 2 week time period between ovulation and menstruation (when pregnancy tests can’t yet predict pregnancy) just messes with your mind. Your brain completely takes advantage of your high hopes and anticipation and kicks up your imagination. You become hyper-aware of everything happening to your body and any new change feels like a potential sign of pregnancy.

What makes it even more confusing and funny is that every woman’s pregnancy journey is so unique that usually, there is someone that actually experienced the symptom that you’re stalking/googling!

For example, if I google something like “is spontaneous breakdancing a symptom of pregnancy“, I wouldn’t be surprised if a search result pops up with “yes actually when I was pregnant, I suddenly gained the ability to do handstands…”

2| Pregnancy Test Anxiety

ovulation tests or pregnancy tests

Pregnancy tests are bittersweet.

On one hand, they have the potential to reveal amazing, life changing news when they are positive. On the other hand, if you’re struggling with infertility and trying to conceive, they’ve also been the bearer of bad news month after month after month.

That repeated disappointment sets the stage for a bit of anxiety whenever it comes to taking a pregnancy test. Seeing a Big Fat Negative has a way of spiraling you into a really low mood.

One time I was so sick of the emotional rollercoaster of testing that I told my reproductive endocrinologist that I didn’t want to take another pregnancy test for as long as I live. I would just find out I’m pregnant once the baby’s head is sticking out of me. Lol!

She was not amused… She reminded me that testing is important so that the appropriate monitoring can be started as soon as possible.
UGH! Fine fine….

For a good example of a (long) pregnancy test saga (with a good ending), read this thread on BabyCenter. I literally clapped after reading it.

3| The Sheer Agony Of The 2 Week Wait (2WW)

When you are trying to conceive, it feels like each month is divided into two sections: pre-ovulation and post ovulation (otherwise known as the 2 Week Wait).

The 2WW is plain agonizing. No matter what you do, you can’t stop daydreaming and wondering if this will be the golden month or not.

Being in that state can make you unproductive, stress you out and even set you up for greater disappointment if you don’t end up pregnant.

The common thing to do is to look for distractions- things to do to keep you from over-thinking. It’s amusing how creative people can get. Some ladies use the 2 Week Wait as an opportunity to start a new project or pamper themselves and dig into their self-care kit.

Other ladies do TTC-specific things like dancing fertility dances or knitting their future baby a whole wardrobe.

If you’re wondering what I do…
Well, let’s just say that the most ambitious distraction that I’ve come up with just to get through the 2WW is to create a whole blog (this one ha!)

4| Investing A Small Fortune Into Fertility Products

You can pretty much sell anything if you can promise that it would result in a successful pregnancy (cough Geritol did it cough).

Fertility teas, lubricants, creams, books, cold medicine (cold medicine?? yes cold medicine) – the list goes on and on and on.

Couples that are struggling with conceiving often find themselves in a position of desperation where they are open to any solution that may finally result in a child.

I’m not the type to believe in magic solutions myself but even I have a drawer dedicated to fertility products that I once hoped would do the trick.
Sadly, no one has found a solution that works for everyone, so the journey continues.

5| BFN, BD, DD, TTC, 2WW…
All the acronyms!

If you have been on this TTC journey for any length of time and visited any of the online groups, you have definitely encountered some of these acronyms- they’re everywhere!

When I first started reading TTC forums, I could not figure out what the ladies were talking about. Why was everyone throwing baby dust around and BDing (baby dance) with their DHs (dear husband) while praying for a BFP (big fat positive)? Lol!

Now that I understand the acronyms, I have to agree that using them makes the conversations easier (and shorter) to navigate.

Also, something about understanding them makes me feel like I’m in some exclusive society (that I do NOT want to be in by the way).

For a comprehensive list of TTC acronyms and their meanings, visit THIS LIST.

6| Having A Lifetime Supply of Ovulation Tests / Kits

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**

The first thing that is recommended to anyone having trouble with conceiving is to start tracking their ovulation with ovulation prediction kits (OPKs).

Most people on an extended TTC Journey keep OPKs stocked like they’re going out of sale.

On any given day, I could fan out a bunch of ovulation tests like a deck of cards at a Las Vegas casino and say “pick a test, any test”.

Thankfully, Amazon makes it easier to stay stocked with ovulation + pregnancy test strip deals like this one.

I hope you’ve had a chance to chuckle at some of the ironic and upside down things we have to experience while on this trying to conceive journey.

At the end of the day, don’t give up hope ladies! Hope is everything.

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  • Dede

    It is indeed it’s own world! Glad to know where that kind of support out there!! And you’re right, hope is everything! This season will surely come to an end 🙌🏾

      • Mandie

        This was a great read!! I have been on my journey for a year now and I swear every month I fall prey to another fertility purchase (it’s nice to know everyone does). I am at the start of my 2WW once again and I spend every morning reading TTC stories, daytime trying to keep busy and every night adding to my Pinterest baby ideas….for one day. It is a rollercoaster of a journey and since I have endometriosis my husband and I have kept our journey a secret because no one in our family understands. I absolutely love when my mom tells me once a week that she needs a grandbaby and tells me all I have to do is try and we would be pregnant in a month. I secretly have to hold back tears every time someone says that to me, but I know the day is coming for that positive test!

        • Deze

          I always find it so fascinating how similar all of our experiences are. I COMPLETELY know what you mean about reading the TTC stories and pinning to Pinterest and family not understanding. It’s such an agonizing process but it makes me feel a little less cray cray to hear that I’m not the only one. Your day is for SURE coming Mandie- thanks for commenting!

          • Rachel

            You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips. My husband and I had been trying for 2 years. We both were checked out to make sure there were no major issues with either of us regarding why we hadnt gotten pregnant yet. We read that a lot of people have success on the 2nd round of Clomid! I am now 11 weeks pregnant and would definitely recommend Clomid for anyone who hasnt gotten pregnant after at least a year of trying and is unsure why. I am not sure if I just wasnt ovulating or what, but Clomid worked for me!! Dont be scared to ask your doctor about it! My insurance didn’t cover Clomid. But I got it (thanks google) 😊. My friend gave me the code ‘Get4preg’ ❤️ and she said ‘just Google it’. Goof luck to all!

  • Stefanie

    Hi Deze,

    I am starting a fertility journey and educating myself to be more active about conceiving since I need to learn more of the acronyms & paying attention to ovulation time. As someone who is feeling worried, it’s definitely nice to know a fellow woman’s thoughts on her trials and tribulations!! Sending love xo

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