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A Real FertiliTea Review – From A Fellow TTC Product Junkie

So you’ve heard about fertility teas and read an amazing FertiliTea review that has you wondering if its the miracle product that will help you get pregnant.
You don’t want to waste your money so you’re doing your research to find out if you should buy into the hype.

I so get you. I was there.

I don’t remember where I first learned about FertiliTea but I do know that I scoured the internet for information. By reading Amazon reviews and Babycenter forums, I found bits and pieces of information here and there but never really felt like I had the full story about this product.

Well, as you may know, pregnancy loss and trying to conceive (TTC) can make you pretty desperate. Eventually, I bought the Fertilitea and tried it. After giving it a go for a couple months, I’m here to share my honest experience so that you can have more personal feedback to make an informed decision.

Keep reading for my review of FertiliTea!

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What is FertiliTea?

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A FertiliTea Review - a picture of the bag

FertiliTea is an organic herbal tea that many women use to increase their chances of conceiving.

This tea is made up of 6 herbs (that have the following claims):

  • Chasteberry (Vitex) – encourages hormonal balance and stimulates ovulatory hormones (like progesterone)
  • Red Raspberry Leaf – tones the uterus & pelvic muscles
  • Green Tea – antioxidant
  • Ladies Mantle – normalizes the cycle & tones the cervix
  • Nettle Leaf – rich in vitamins & minerals for reproductive health
  • Peppermint Leaf – adds the mint flavor & stimulates the libido

How to make FertiliTea

FertiliTea is a loose leaf tea.
No extra supplies are included so you will need to buy tea bags or a tea ball or infuser separately.

a tea ball for infusing looseleaf fertility tea
a tea bag for brewing fertilitea

To make the tea- boil 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of FertiliTea.
Cover and steep the tea for 5 minutes. Strain out any leaves and the tea is ready to drink.

When to drink FertiliTea

The makers of FertiliTea recommend that you drink 2-3 cups daily, throughout your whole cycle (even during menstruation). They recommend you discontinue the product after you get a positive pregnancy test.

Be aware: There is information out there that stopping Vitex (Chasteberry) after getting pregnant can lead to miscarriage. Make sure you do your research.

Where to buy FertiliTea

Most people (including myself) buy their supply on Amazon [Buy HERE].
If you’re wondering where to buy Fertilitea in stores, use this Store Locator.

Does FertiliTea Work?

I know what you’re thinking at this point- “Did FertiliTea work for you, or not?

The simple answer is that it did not work for me.
However, it may have been my fault.

My Personal Experience:

Upon opening the packaging, I encountered a strong minty smell and a dark green mix of shredded tea leaves. To be honest, it reminded me of dried lawn clippings (though it thankfully didn’t taste like it).

A closeup picture of Fertilitea for this in depth, honest Fertilitea Review

My first challenge with this tea came from the fact that it is loose leaf.

When I first got it, I didn’t even think to buy an infuser or tea bags (surprisingly nothing I had read suggested this).

The instructions on the bag say that you can add the herbal tea directly to the hot water, so that is what I did my first couple of times. 0/10, I do NOT recommend you do that.

After the tea steeped, I found it impossible to strain out all the leaves (remember, lawn clippings), and let’s just say I drank plenty of tea leaves.

After that fail, I bought a tea ball infuser.
This kept MOST of the leaves (the biggest ones) out of my tea but unfortunately some of them were small enough to pass through the infuser. I still had a good amount of leaves floating in my tea, but thankfully, it was at least drinkable.

A comparison of a cup of FertiliTea before and after using a tea ball strainer

I’ve discovered that FertiliTea is now available in prepackaged tea bags, available HERE. However, the cost effective option is still the loose leaf by far. (At the time of this posting, 1 month of tea bags = 3.5x the price of 1 month of loose leaf).

From this experience, I would recommend anyone buying this product to purchase tea bags like this.
I watched a young lady on Youtube use similar bags for her FertiliTea and she didn’t have any residue in her cup.

Taste & Smell

The reason I said that the unfavorable results might have been my fault is because I wasn’t able to drink 2-3 cups of this tea daily as recommended. I’m just not a daily tea drinker and the tea leaves drama turned me off. There were many days when I just had 1 cup.

Aside from the leaf dilemma, this tea is reasonably pleasant to drink.

It has a light minty taste with a strong minty smell. I wouldn’t call it delicious but I certainly didn’t find the taste or smell to be obnoxious at all.
I did not add any honey or flavorings to this tea, but the manufacturer says that you can.

Side Effects?

Per Amazon reviews, some people complained of irregular cycles and stomach cramping with this fertility tea.

I personally did not notice any stomach cramps. I also didn’t notice any changes to my menstrual cycle (for the good or bad), but my cycles are already mildly irregular.

1-5 (5 being the best)
Effectiveness1 (for me!)

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My Overall Impression

My overall impression of this product is that it is a quality product, with good value. It is organic and appears to promote good reproductive health. At the least, it was hydrating.

After 2 cycles drinking this tea, I did not conceive.

However, as with most, if not all products, it’s important to remember that its success or failure depends on your body and the reason for your infertility.

Everyone’s journey is different!

I personally won’t be drinking FertiliTea anymore as I just don’t think it addresses the underlying reason for my infertility. I also don’t think it fits my lifestyle. If you are planning on trying it, I suggest you improve on my experience by drinking it as often as recommended.

My TTC JOURNEY continues!

Have you tried FertiliTea??
If so, give us your FertiliTea review (or should I say give us the “tea”) down below in the comments!

Lastly, if you plan on buying some, comment below so we can encourage you on your fertility journey!

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  • Katelyn

    I tried the fertilitea as well… It’s not bad but it’s not good. I drank one cup a day most days and some days I couldn’t even bring myself to drink the one cup. It’s really not disgusting, I’m just not a tea person I suppose. I added honey to mine which made it better but 3 cups a day is just unreasonable. Think about drinking 8 cups of water a day and most of us are not even successful with this… On a side note, “taking charge of my fertility” is a book on Amazon and I would say 10/10! Every woman whether TTC or not should read this book!! It helped me discover why I am not able to conceive.

    • Deze

      You described it so well- it’s not bad but it’s not good. 3 cups a day wasn’t reasonable for me as well.

      Thank you SO much for the book recommendation. I will check it out now.
      Thanks for commenting

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