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24 Best DIY GLITTER ORNAMENTS for a sparkling Christmas Tree

Ornaments have always been the best part of decorating the Christmas tree. Making homemade, DIY glitter ornaments is a fun holiday tradition to look forward to every year.

Here are 24 ways to go about it.

diy christmas ornaments for the christmas tree

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These glitter ornament DIYs are the perfect way to add some sparkle, magic and Christmas wonder to the Christmas tree every year.

Not only can you use them for your tree, they also make impressive gifts.

For example : If you are participating in 12 Days of Christmas gift giving, ornaments made of gold glitter make a perfect gift for day #5 (“ fiiiiiive golden riiiings ♫).

Personalized glitter ornaments make fantastic and budget friendly Secret Santa gifts that you can wrap using one of my printable Christmas gift tags (for free).

They are an obvious pick for your Christmas Eve boxes because you can unwrap them the night before Christmas and have them decorating the tree just in time to “ooo” & “ahhh” over them on Christmas morning!

Finally, making glitter ornaments is a fun holiday party activity.

It’s cost-effective, it’s easy and everyone gets to take home an awesome ornament for their home. You can even donate them to local nursing homes or hospitals to give their trees some sparkle!

Now, before we get to the different ways to make these beautiful ornaments, let’s make sure that we’ve gathered all of the necessary accoutrements, shall we?

The Basics:
What You Need To DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

The basics are as simple as 1-2-3: ornaments, glitter & glue.

You can find all of these supplies online or just about any of the popular craft stores.

Here’s what to keep in mind-

1. Clear Ornament Balls (Glass or Plastic)

As you can imagine, clear, unused ornaments come in various shapes, sizes and materials.

For each of the ornament projects below, I suggest that you read each respective blog post tutorial to find out what kind of ornament to buy.

Just remember that plastic ornaments have the benefit of being “shatter-proof”.

2. Glitter

Let’s be real- we’re all here for the glitter! It’s the star of this project.

Any type of glitter will do. You can choose extra fine glitter, thick holographic glitter or chunky glitter that is borderline confetti. In fact, making glitter ornaments is a great way to use up excess glitter that you’ve got laying around from previous crafts!

Picking the glitter is where you really get to customize this sparkly project.

3. Glue

There’s surprisingly quite a bit of debate out there as to what glue is the best glue for this project.

Different people recommend: mod podge, polyacrylic, floor wax sealers, etc

There is a glue, however, that is made specifically for this type of DIY and that would be: Beacon Glitter It.

People review it highly because it has a clear finish (which allows the glitter to take center stage), it is easy to apply to the inside of the ornament and a little bit goes a long way! Comes highly recommended!

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24 DIY Glitter Ornaments To Try This Year

(Visit each blog for all the details to make each respective ornament).

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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!

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