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Easy 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas To Make The Best Christmas Theme Yet

For a creative holiday gift theme, these 12 days of Christmas gift ideas are festive & unique.

12 days of christmas gift ideas

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I just love themed gifts for Christmas. They’re not only fun to give, they’re also exciting to put together thanks to the amount of creativity required. 

So when I heard a friend talk about the 12 Days of Christmas gift theme, I was all over it! 

How Does the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giving Work?

It’s a unique gift giving tradition where you pick out (or make) 12 gifts that match each theme of the 12 days of Christmas (referring to the classic Christmas carol). 

Some people give all dozen gifts on the big day itself (or as part of a Christmas Eve Box), while others take a more traditional approach and give one gift daily for twelve days.

I prefer the latter as it spreads the gift-giving out even longer, and who doesn’t love that?

I can hear some of you now…

How in the world am I going to come up with 12 gifts for one person?!

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! I’ve broken down each of the days and provided on-theme gift ideas that you can either buy or DIY.

All the gift ideas included below can be found on Amazon, Etsy, or even at your local store. 

And here we begin…..

On the First Day of Christmas – A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The first day of Christmas is represented by a partridge in a pear tree. This opens up a lot of great gift ideas suitable for the entire family.

Anything dealing with fruits or even trees would work.

Gift Ideas

A bottle of sparkling pear cider

A family tree

A partridge in a pear tree ornament

Pear scented candles

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Second Day of Christmas – Two Turtledoves

When it comes to choosing each gift, don’t get too wrapped up in the wordage and with being exact. 

You can take any part of the word and play around with it. For example, a nice plate of turtle candy is probably better than giving an actual turtledove. 

Also, consider brand names and use those to your advantage. For example, the bath care company, Dove, can be used for the turtledove theme.

Gift Ideas

Turtle gummy candies

Dove canvas tote bag

Two turtle dove ornaments

Dove bath gift set

Dove charm necklace

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Third Day of Christmas – Three French Hens

Cooking three french hens sounds like a lovely (and delicious) way to spend a family holiday. 

If you can’t actually deliver fully cooked hens, go for the “French” aspect of this theme. Think French’s mustard, a gift certificate for a French manicure, that sort of thing. 

Gift Ideas

French cooking cookbook

Eiffel tower ornament

French Hen Christmas cards

The Little Red Hen classic book

3 French Hens Ornament

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas – Four Calling Birds

You can go many directions here. You can focus mostly on the bird aspect of this song verse. 

Or you can try to play off the “calling” portion and find a way to tie your gift to something dealing with communication. For example, if your loved one has family overseas, you can give four calling cards!
Either way, have fun with it!

Gift Ideas

4 calling birds ornament

4 birds on a branch coat rack

Set of 4 birds wall art

Birds on a branch bookends

Binoculars for bird-watching

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – Five Golden Rings

This is a pretty easy gift if you’re doing the 12 days of Christmas for a significant other. In that case, some elegant golden earrings (or rings for men) are a great choice that don’t require a ton of thought or planning. 

If you’re gifting to a sibling or friend, try to play off the word “ring” in non-jewelry ways like a Lord of the Rings book, and other witty ideas along those lines.

Gift Ideas

Golden napkin rings

Ring toss game

A golden ring holder

Golden hoop earrings

Lord of the Rings boxed set

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas – Six Geese a Laying

For this gift, think of anything you can that deals with either geese or eggs. There are many options here to choose from, but our favorite is something homemade and delicious. 

Think of a creamy egg casserole or a pitcher of everyone’s favorite seasonal classic: eggnog.

Gift Ideas

Goose socks

Goose cocktail picks

6 geese laying ornament

Cadbury cream eggs

Goose down-feather pillows

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas – Seven Swans a Swimming

Swans are elegant birds that make you think of peace, beauty, and grace. Theme your gift around these ideals, and it’s sure to be appreciated. 

Think of luxury-type products that they wouldn’t think to buy themselves like spa goodies or a good novel to relax and unwind with. 

Gift Ideas

Personalized wooden swan

Swan earrings

7 swans Christmas ornament

Swan pool float

The Ugly Duckling book

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas – Eight Maids a Milking

There are a lot of cool ideas here. You can play off the word “milk.” Maybe a nice oatmeal milk bath that you make from scratch or even a nice platter of cookies with a tall glass of cold milk?

Gift Ideas

8 maids Christmas ornament

Milk chocolate hot cocoa mix

Luxurious milk bath

An ice cream maker

Milk frother

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas – Nine Ladies Dancing

The holidays have long involved music and dancing. To honor this verse of the 12 Days of Christmas song, you have a lot of “wiggle” room (pun intended!) 

Music and dancing are both broad and diverse categories, making it easy to find something for everyone. 

Think of a speaker system if you want to go all out and splurge or maybe a curated playlist as a budget-friendly option.

Gift Ideas

9 ladies Christmas ornament

Ballerina dancers zippered pouch

Bluetooth speaker

Dance mat

A CD of Christmas karaoke

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas – Ten Lords a Leaping

When we think of lords a leaping, we think of jumping and exuberant movement. We think of people making merry and having a jolly ol’ time. 

You can incorporate some of those themes into your gift, or focus on the “lord” part and go the royalty/princess route (perfect for little girls). 

Gift Ideas

Exercise jump rope

A gift certificate to a local trampoline park

10 lords leaping Christmas ornament

Mini rebounder trampoline

LeapFrog learning system (if you’re gifting an early learner!)

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas – Eleven Pipers Piping

Though piping typically refers to playing music on a flute, rhythm and movement isn’t the only place you can go here: you can also think of piping like a frosting pipe. 

With either music, pipes, or baking as themes, there’s a lot to choose from.

Gift Ideas

Christmas kettle (piping hot…get it?)

Loose-leaf tea gift set

Toy flute

11 pipes Christmas ornament

Cake decorating set 

Homemade Gift Ideas

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas – Twelve Drummers Drumming

If you really want to make a big impression, go out with a drumming bang for this last gift. 

This could be anything from some cute mini finger drums to keep on their desk to a full-sized drum set for an adult or a child-sized one for your favorite little person. 

Think music, rhythm, movement and holiday joy!

Gift Ideas

12 drummers ornament (penguins!)

Tin drum of popcorn

Beats headphones

Engraved drum sticks

Bongo drums

Little Drummer Boy DVD

Homemade Gift Ideas

How to Customize the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas

The idea behind 12 days of Christmas presents can easily be customized for any member of your family (or friends). 

Just keep the person in mind when listening to the song and use the list of ideas below as a jumping off point!

Ideas for the Whole Family

My favorite suggestion is ornaments. Whether you make them yourself or choose a beautiful set online, it’s something the recipients can keep and cherish for years. 

They make great gifts for uncles, aunts, parents, and grandparents. 

Placing one on the tree for each of the 12 days can start a new tradition that will be remembered with fondness decades later.

Ideas for Secret Santa

If you’re playing Secret Santa for a family gathering or with your coworkers, it’s probably best to keep the gifts small and simple. 

A good option is a 12 days of Christmas countdown calendar. Many of these are similar to advent calendars and have a little treat to open each day. 

Choose one with candy, coffee, or tea for a real hit.

Ideas for Work (Employees or Coworkers)

Just like with Secret Santa, it’s probably best to keep gifts for work small. For coworkers, I like to tie each of the 12 days to a food item. 

Maybe a can of sliced pears for the first day of Christmas, for example. 

Put all the treats together in a cute gift basket, and just like that, you have the perfect gift! 

Romantic Ideas for Husband or Wife

You can really go all out for the 12 days of Christmas if you’re buying for your spouse. Real jewelry can be bought for example, or you can stuff a gift basket with things to do together as a couple. 

If you want to get really creative but funds are tight, consider a coupon booklet based on the 12 days!

Don’t want to DIY but still need to stick to a budget? Try these under $10 gifts for her and him.

Ideas For Kids and Teenagers

Christmas is more magical when you have children to buy for. Many of the gifts listed above would be great for family presents, but if you want something a bit more streamlined, consider tying picture books to the gift prompts. 

This way your kids can unwrap a new book each day and make memories with you as you snuggle up and read together.

Ideas for Couples

Buying gifts for a couple can be tricky, especially if you really only know one of them.

A good way to get around this problem is by purchasing more general gifts that they can use together. 

For instance, you could buy a movie for each of the 12 days and include a note with date night ideas for each movie!

Well, that wraps it up! I hope you consider hopping on the 12 Days of Christmas gift train this year. 

Do you have any other ideas that go with each day’s theme? Share them in the comments below!

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