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54 Epic Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Uncle

Finish your holiday list in NO time with this legendary list of Christmas gifts for uncles.

christmas gift ideas for uncles

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Who else includes their uncles on their Christmas shopping list? *raises hand*

I am blessed to have multiple uncles that I love to the moon and back, but shopping for them can be tough. 

Can you relate?

If so, let’s remove the stress and put the FUN back into holiday shopping today with this epic list of Uncle gifts. 

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Uncle

If you really want to put some thought into your uncle’s gift this year, sit down and make a list of his favorite hobbies, foods, interests, and more. 

It will make gift-buying sooo much easier, trust me.

If you are struggling, here are a few things to consider to make this brainstorm easier-

What Are His Favorite Hobbies?

Does your uncle love golf? Has he been bit by the travel bug? Does he love a good craft beer? 

It’s important to think about his hobbies and interests before shopping. It gives you a starting point and ensures you don’t get something that’ll wind up in the trash. (Hey, it happens).

For instance, if your uncle loves hunting and fishing, avoid moisturizers and hair care gift sets. 

If he loves football, don’t get him baseball tickets.

That sort of thing.

Think About Things He Wouldn’t Buy for Himself

This is the best kind of gift in my humble opinion. 

They’re the ones you open and think “oh yeah, I NEED this!” Without even saying anything, it shows the recipient that you really know them well and that you put some thought into this. 

So when shopping for a Christmas present for your uncle, think of something that he’ll enjoy yet wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself. 

Include Something That Will Make Him Laugh

Funny gifts and gag gifts can be fun and memorable.

Tread carefully though. You definitely want to keep his special type of humor in mind! 

If he has a wild sense of humor, silly jokes and gag gifts are welcomed. 

But if he is more strait-laced, you may want to keep things more classic, subdued and witty.

Consider a Gift He Will Remember You For

A surprising or unexpected gift can be one of the most memorable – the kind you’ll still be talking about 5 years down the road. 

Personalized gifts fit the bill. Whether homemade, engraved, or custom-crafted, these types of gifts go the extra mile.

54 Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Type of Uncle

Ok, now here is your one-stop shop for “best uncle ever” gifts!

I’ve organized the list by different gift types and even found you top picks for different hobbies in the following order:

  • Funny Gifts for your “Funcle”
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Easy DIY Christmas Gifts
  • For the Hiker
  • For the Golfer
  • For the Gamer
  • For the Barbecue King
  • For the Technology Lover
  • For the Dapper / Stylish Uncle
  • For the Car Enthusiast
  • For the Beer Lover
  • For the Uncle Who Has Everything
  • For Last Minute Christmas Gifts
  • Joint Christmas Gifts for Uncles & Aunts
If you wish to narrow it down to gifts under $10, check out these 10 gifts for him under $10. 
For super unique gifts, check out these gift ideas for him from Etsy.

Enjoy and I hope this makes your Christmas shopping a bit easier this year 🙂 


If your uncle is more of a "funcle," you may want to consider a humorous gift for him. 

Try some fun, personalized items with inside jokes or keep it classic with a hilarious gag gift.


If you want a sentimental gift for your uncle, go for a photo gift or one you can personalize in some way.
Bonus points if you can add a photo of you and him together. 


Uncles love getting homemade gifts from their niece or nephew - no matter how old you are. 

You may have grown out of the crayon and confetti cards, but there are plenty of DIY gifts your uncle will love that he can actually use and appreciate.  

>>> Top your DIY gift off with one of these printable Christmas gift tags!


If your uncle is most likely to be found on a hiking trail, he may not want cologne and tie clips. 

Instead, get him some outdoor-friendly items to get him ready for his next expedition.


Golf clubs and golf bags can be expensive. If you want to shop for your golfer uncle without breaking the bank, consider a golf related accessory like these instead.


Whether your uncle likes to play video games on a console or on the computer, he’s sure to love one of these cool gifts for gamers.


For the uncle who loves grillin’ and chillin’, give a thoughtful grill related gift. 

You might just get invited to his barbecues more often! 


If your uncle likes to stay on top of the latest technology, go for a techy gift. They’re not all super expensive. 

Here are some budget-friendly tech gifts he’ll love.


If your uncle is commonly found dressed to the nines in designer clothing, you may want to avoid outdoorsy gifts. 

Instead, opt for a luxury gift that’ll make him feel like a true gentleman.


Is your uncle always outside working on his car? Does he wear the name “grease monkey” with pride?

If so, try one of these car-related gift when shopping for your uncle.


Fortunately beer lovers can be easy to shop for because there are so many neat gifts and accessories related to it. 

If your uncle is commonly found at home with an ice cold beer or at the bar watching football with his friends, check out these great gifts.


If your uncle already has all the latest gadgets, sports equipment, and other hot ticket items, it makes it even harder to shop for him. 

No worries, though. Try one of these unique gift ideas.


Who isn’t super busy around the holidays?! If you find yourself days away from Christmas with nothing for your uncle, it’s time to turn to those tried and true last-minute gifts. 

It’s better than sending your uncle an “I’m sorry it’s late” gift!


Are your aunt and uncle the perfect pair? If so, you may want to consider a couples gift instead.

Sometimes, you can save a little money this way without sacrificing thoughtfulness.

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With a little thought (and a little help from this list), you can come up with the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite uncle. 

Have you discovered an awesome gift not listed here? Let me know about it in the comments below!

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