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5 Must-Have Fertility Products To Help You Conceive

I must admit that we took the process of Trying To Conceive for granted…at first.
When husbae and I first started trying and even after our first miscarriage, we weren’t even thinking about fertility products.

We weren’t tracking cycles or ovulation watching. None of that stuff came to mind.

Now…a few years into our TTC journey, I’m pretty sure I can teach a beginner’s course about the monthly cycle. I can tell when my progesterone levels are rising and pinpoint the symptoms that indicate that they are falling.

Basically, I’ve learned a LOT about trying to conceive, both by experience and through research. And today, I want to talk about the basics.

There are 5 non-negotiable fertility items that you will need for getting in the best physical and mental health for trying to conceive.

These are items that will help you track, test and support your cycle- all steps that will help you in your journey to get pregnant.

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This is not necessarily a fertility product but more like an important fertility resource.

A cycle tracking app will let you keep track of your cycle, your symptoms and predict your ovulation and periods.

I use the Flo app and truly believe it’s one of the best apps out there.

Not only does it do all the basics, it also converts to a pregnancy app when you become pregnant AND it includes a community function where you can anonymously engage in discussions with other women all over the world about various topics.

2| PRENATALS to enhance your fertility and support a healthy pregnancy

I’m sure you know this already but a good prenatal is NON-NEGOTIABLE when you are trying to get pregnant.

Folic acid is the vitamin that is of most concern because its deficiency can lead to birth defects to your baby’s brain and spinal cord.

And get this, neural tube defects happen within the first 28 days of pregnancy so by the time you even find out you are pregnant, it is too late to correct a serious deficiency. So, start a prenatal ASAP if you haven’t already.

My favorite prenatal is the Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins.
(I can’t stand pills, I gotta have my gummies!)

2020 UPDATE: I am now taking the Smartypants Prenatals (pictured below).

Why? Because it provides folic acid in the methylfolate form (easier for most people’s bodies to process). It also contains more Vitamin D.

The main downside with this prenatal is that you have to take SIX gummies in one serving! And one serving has 7grams of sugar which is a lot. It’s a pain but I have to do what I have to do.

These prenatals are one of the must have fertility products to conceive
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I still think the Vitafusion vitamins taste the best and do the basic job that a prenatal is supposed to be (with just 2 gummies a day). However, because of all my pregnancy losses, I’ve had to be much more particular about which prenatal I take.

You can choose whichever you want. Just make sure that your chosen prenatal has.

  • At least 400 mcg of folic acid daily
  • 27 mg of iron
  • 1000mg of calcium

3| Ovulation Tests

There are 2 routes you can go with OPKs: usng a digital test or using urine test strips (which some refer to as the “cheapies”).

I started out with the cheapies but after a while, found that I was getting some very confusing results (faded and unclear lines). I splurged for a digital test and it was life changing!

The result is always clear and after the first cycle using a digital test, I discovered that I was ovulating 2 days earlier than expected.

That being said, I highly highly recommend the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test.

It’s more pricey than the urine test strip but a cost-saving strategy you can do is to buy both- buy the internet cheapies and then do a confirmation test with the digital OPK so that they last you longer.
Remember that if you buy the urine test strips, you also need to buy cups to collect your urine for testing.

4| Pregnancy Tests

Of course! You need to keep some pregnancy tests around so that you can test for your Big Fat Positive!

The ironic thing with trying to conceive is that pregnancy tests can be a source of disappointment and pain, they can also be the ultimate source of joy in this journey. (Read more about this in my: 6 Funny Things About Trying To Conceive – TTC Journey)

Of course, you can buy pregnancy tests almost anywhere but this deal on Amazon lets you buy a combo pack of ovulation tests + pregnancy tests!

5| A supportive COMMUNITY

In the beginning of your journey to conceive, you may find that you have enough sheer passion and support from your partner to get you through the ups and downs of trying to conceive.

However, as time goes on, the emotional fortitude that you once had just plain runs out. A long TTC journey and/or pregnancy loss can be emotionally draining.

One thing that can help is to join communities of like minded people that understand your struggle and provide empathy and a sense of belonging.

I personally like the TTC communities of BabyCenter and What To Expect. I can always find some advice and comfort for what I am going through by reading through the forums on those websites.

The nice thing is that you don’t necessarily have to join or engage to reap the benefits of being a part of those communities. You can just read through the forums.

Another alternative is to find a support group or a therapist around you. You can visit RESOLVE (run by the National Infertility Association) to find a support group near you.


Reproduction Friendly Lubricant

Some women find lubricant helpful, oftentimes if they are not producing enough cervical mucus.

However, many commercial lubricants are harmful to the male’s reproductive cells and therefore, do not promote fertility.

If you’re in this boat, a well-known fertility-friendly lubricant you can try is: PreSeed.

Check out my PreSeed review & how it affected my TTC journey here.

Fertility Teas

Fertility teas may interest you if you prefer to use herbs to promote conception. Some well known options are FertiliTea and Pink Stork Tea.

If you’re thinking of trying one, read my FertiliTea review and personal experience.

Basal Body Thermometer (BBT)

If you want to track your ovulation using a more traditional method (or perhaps to add to the ovulation information you receive from your OPKs), you can purchase a BBT like this to track your most fertile days by measuring your temperature.

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility (Book)

If you’re looking for a book with helpful information about reproductive health and getting pregnant, you might consider reading this book: Taking Charge Of Your Fertility.

I have not read it myself but a reader commented that this book helped her conceive. It is very highly rated.

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For some of us, the journey to fertility is a long and sometimes heartbreaking one. There are so many reasons for infertility and pregnancy loss but at the end of the day, everyone of us needs to ensure that we have a good foundation of health and adequate support.

So, make sure that you have these basic fertility products on your journey to conceive.

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