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Life Lately – No. 3

Why hello there blog fam!

It’s been an EVENTFUL few months since my last life update.

Catch Up….
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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Over the last 3 months, my life has revolved around one major event: my sisters wedding.

First off all, as I announced on Life Lately #2, we went to Austin for her bachelorette trip/party.

It. Was. LIT!

Here’s a picture of us at Austin Winery on our night out, before dinner and karaoke.
Can you tell I was having a good time?

It was the first time I had seen most of the girls in a long time and I really really needed and enjoyed the girl time and girl talk.

Let me just interject something here really quickly: I am a huge advocate for having girl friends. You can have healthy and supportive relationships with the men in your life, but nothing replaces having true, supportive and fun female friends.

We probably could have done nothing and I would have enjoyed it just as much.

But we did plenty.
(Check out our Austin bachelorette party itinerary for the deets).

Among everything we did, pole fitness was one of the highlights. I’ve never done anything similar and it was a very fun experience. (My body hurt all over for days!)

Finally, this month was the actual wedding!

I was in San Diego for a full week and as the sister and matron of honor, I was busy the entire time.
Well, it was worth it because the wedding was absolutely beautiful.

My sister and brother in law are so in love and also loved by so many.

I saw so many people that I haven’t seen since my wedding. I felt reconnected with my community, spent time with my family, looked cute, ate yummy food, laughed a lot and God knows, I turned up on the dance floor.
It was just awesome awesome awesome all around.

I’m so happy and thank God for the success of that weekend!

Where We Are On Our Fertility Journey

Boy, do I have some updates.

Remember in Life Lately #2 when I said that we were unsure whether we should continue trying naturally or look into assisted reproduction?

Well, you might know from Waiting For Miscarriage: Finding Out Before Your Body Does that I conceived again but it quickly ended up being my 5th pregnancy loss.

It was devastating.
At this point, the endocrinologist ordered a repeat pregnancy loss panel.

Results came back and everything looked normal except my prolactin level which came back just a bit elevated.
After confirming with a repeat level, the endocrinologist prescribed me bromocriptine.

After taking that for 30 days, my levels normalized.

The idea is that this might have been the reason for the recurrent pregnancy losses. HOWEVER
We won’t know for some time because we put ourselves on an official, much needed, break from trying to conceive.

That 5th loss had us emotionally spent, burnt out and just struggling in every way (physically, mentally, spiritually). So, hubby and I made the call to stop and recuperate for some months. I’m so glad we did.

Without the pressure of ovulation testing and the two week wait, etc, I was able to concentrate and really enjoy my sisters wedding and getting my groove back lol. I feel so much more healthier right now.

What I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Ok so, I want to talk about a couple recent discoveries and purchases that changed my life in little to big ways.
(If you know me, I can’t help but blab about game-changing products).

Press on nails

**This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you)!**

Where have these been my whole liiiiiiiiife!!!!!

Absolute game changer!

First of all, let me explain that while I like to have my nails done, I hate getting my nails done.

It’s expensive, they take too much time, I worry about sanitation, etc etc.
Also, I’m in the healthcare field so wearing artificial nails is kind of a no no in the first place.

Well, after watching a couple of my favorite Youtubers talk about press ons, I decided to try them. For the bachelorette trip, I bought these press on nails (after reading a ton of reviews of course) and omg they were AMAZING.

Click for info

I got a ton of compliments on their design and fit and I felt so fabulous.

There was a bit of a learning curve- I discovered the hard way that you DON’T want to use the glue stickers they provide. What you want to do is to buy and use nail glue like this one that I bought.

Then all you have to do is pick the right sizes, spread the nail glue and stick the nail on and hold it. A whole mani in ten minutes.
It’s my new favorite thing and I’m floored by how easy and affordable (less than ten bucks) they are. Also, I can remove them effortlessly when I want to go back to work.

For the wedding I wore this nail style – also fabulous.


Another game changer is this super-budget treadmill.
It’s hard to be as enthusiastic about this purchase because you know…exercise.

But, it’s still an awesome buy.

Click for info

I wanted a treadmill because we live in the Midwest winter was keeping me from exercising. I wanted something really cheap but functional (because we won’t be living here long). So, I chose this and it is PERFECT.

It’s just something simple that I can walk or run on and it’s so cheap that I won’t feel guilty when we move and have to get rid of it.
Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something affordable to help you meet your fitness goals.

That’s LIFE LATELY by me- Deze.

How’s YOUR life lately?

Share below in the comments & THANKS for reading!

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