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Life Lately – No. 5

Happy freakin’ July everyone.

We are officially in the second half of this strange, crazy crazy year.

I just have ONE question: HOW ARE YOU?
Are you thriving? Are you just surviving?

I saw a great tweet about 2020 that made me chuckle (and also wonder if time travel is real).

I will never think of that quote the same after that tweet lol!

Life Update #5

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This life update was supposed to come out last month but it’s been relatively crazy around these parts.

For one thing- my husband graduated from his medical residency (yayyy), which meant a lot of planning and a lot of (social-distanced) festivities.

I had a great time overall and I am happy and proud of my husband for having achieved this amazing milestone.

Everyone keeps asking us the “what now, where to now” series of questions.
Those that know me well pretty much thought I’d have packed my bags to move the minute, no the second he got that diploma.

Not going to lie, I would have liked to.
It’s not a secret that I am no fan of the midwest.

But, we are not moving yet.

& I’m okay with that.

We’ve decided to do what we are calling a “slow transition”.

Basically, we have both spent so much of our lives making quick moves and quick decisions in pursuit of our career goals and with this graduation, we just want to live in limbo for a little bit.

It feels good to accomplish, grow, advance, hustle and move. But, that’s not all that life is. Life is also dwelling in the boring, still and predictable moments.
I learned a long time ago that if you define life according to your achievements, happiness and contentment become things that you’re always chasing. But that shouldn’t be the case. It sounds corny but happiness and contentment are in the journey and not the destination.

So for everyone that wants to know “what now” and “where to now“.
We don’t know.
& we like it like that.

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What I’ve Been Loving Lately

I have only one to share today.

Dandelion Tea

dandelion tea called dandy blend

In May, I quit all caffeine.
I try not to drink that much coffee in the first place but I do use it to keep me alert and engaged during workdays.

Through one of my facebook groups, I got the idea to replace my coffee and caffeinated tea with Dandy Blend, which is a loose leaf dandelion tea.
I didn’t really think I would like it but turns out I REALLY DO.

It has a really interesting and nutty taste to it- kind of in between tea and coffee.

It’s also very easy to make.
Even though it’s “loose leaf”, you don’t need a strainer to brew it.
You just spoon it into hot or cold water and it dissolves to make the drink.

It gives me just the right amount of pep in my step and tastes really good as well.
Highly recommend!

Where We Are On Our Fertility Journey

We are nowhere.

If you remember – in Life Update No. 4, I had started reading It Starts With The Egg , which is an excellent book that talks about improving egg quality through lifestyle changes and supplementation.

Anywho, after reading that book, I had gotten to the point where I was taking 7+ supplements and pills spread out throughout the day.
At first, I had it all together and I was juggling them like a pro. I felt great.

Then after a while, I stopped feeling so great.
I couldn’t sleep regularly; I was waking up in the middle of the night and feeling tired ALL the time. A few other symptoms popped up and it was getting impossible for me to know what medication/supplement was causing which symptom so I quit everything.

Literally everything.
It was just too much.

So now I’m just not thinking about trying to conceive. My attitude right now is literally “life, just leave me alone” lol.

Even though I’m feeling over it right now, I do have some TTC stuff that I want to share with you-

TTC Inspiration

I just discovered and watched this video by RawBeautyKristi.

I have never watched her before so I’m not sure what her platform is or what her YouTube channel is like but I discovered her video on my Twitter and oh my goodness it’s filled me with so much joy and happiness.

I’m not going to spoil the video for you but I will say that it’s a little comical how excited I am for this sister because I didn’t even know she existed an hour ago. That’s the thing about going through anything as heavy as infertility- you feel this unspeakable bond with people that are in the same shoes even though you barely know them.

It’s ironic her name is “rawbeautykristi” because honey, her raw emotion is what makes this video.

I’m sooo happy for her and wish her an excellent pregnancy.

Consider me inspired & hope filled!

The End

I’d love to hear how you are doing down in the comments! Also comment what you thought about the video! Does it give you hope?

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