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The Best 5 Senses Gifts for Him He Will Actually Use

Stuck on what to put in his 5 Senses Gift Packages?
Here’s a list of gifts for him that incorporate the 5 senses.

5 senses gifts for him

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A lot of people think that men are hard to shop for. Well, I would agree. They kind of are.

However, what I have discovered is that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, his birthday, Christmas…. It’s not always about what gift you buy. It’s about how you give the gift.

For example, there’s something so exciting about receiving a series of gifts.

Think about it…
This is the reason that 12 days of Christmas gifts are popular and why open when letters are popular.

And it’s also why people love subscription boxes that come month after month.

The 5 senses gift idea is a creative way to capture the excitement that anticipation can bring.

5 Senses Gifts for Him Explained 

The 5 Senses gifts is a romantic gift idea for your boyfriend or husband and it’s something that you might have already seen around Pinterest or on social media.

If not, it consists of five different gifts each targeting one of the basic senses:

  • sight
  • sound
  • smell
  • taste
  • touch

You don’t have to get too caught up with what to put in a 5 senses gift.

For example, you could do “five DIY senses gifts” or “five budget gifts, each under $5” or “five personalized gifts for each of the basic senses“.

As discussed, how you are giving this gift is a little more important than what you are giving.

When you can incorporate taste, touch, smell, hear, and see into your gifts for him, it will show him that you adore him in every sense of the word (get it?).

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Why the 5 Senses Theme is the Ultimate Man Gift [That He’s Sure to Love]

The 5 Senses gift theme is perfect for the times when you just want to spoil him. When he receives those 5 gifts back to back and realizes how much thought you put into each gift, it will make him feel loved from head to toe.

Make sure to take it over the top with a sweet themed message about how “everything makes perfect sense when I’m with you”. [More about packaging & gift messages at the end]. He won’t be able to contain his excitement.

These 5 senses gifts for him are best suited for the following situations:

Husband or Boyfriend

Making a 5 senses gift for boyfriend or hubby is something you absolutely must try. That’s who this post is focused on. This gift (that literally keeps giving) will show him that you adore him.

Valentine’s Day 

The perfect five senses valentines gift for him! You can implement a romantic & sensual theme for each gift. That will make Valentine’s Night a truly passionate experience.


Anniversary gifts for him that involve the 5 senses is a great way to show him that you know him and that you understand and appreciate every aspect of him.

Father’s Day or Birthday

The senses gifts aren’t just for romantic holidays. This is a clever gift idea for children and immediate family members to celebrate him on Father’s Day, as well. It’s also awesome for birthdays!

Practical 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Him [The Ultimate List]

Now comes the nerve-wracking part- thinking up your perfect gift combination.

The first thing to remember is to pick out things that he will actually like and use.

The second thing is to be creative!
With a bit of creativity, each gift can even be transformed into its own individual experience or date night for the both of you.

Here are a bunch of examples of great 5 senses gifts for him:

Sight Gift Ideas

Men are often described as “visual creatures” so you might be tempted to immediately think of pictures as the go-to sense of sight gifts for men. However, those aren’t the only or the best man gift in the sight category. Some of the most unique ideas are things that he can see from or see through.

favorite sight gifts
1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
2. Wallet Card Engraved “If I could give you one gift, it would be the ability to see yourself though my eyes…”
3. Digital Picture Frame
4. A Kindle Subscription to his Favorite Magazine

Examples of great “sight” or “see” gifts for him:

  • new pair of glasses or contact lenses
  • blue-light blocking glasses
  • GoPro camera
  • digital photo frame
  • sexy picture of you
  • game trail camera
  • scope for his rifle
  • new tv set
  • computer monitor
  • polarized sunglasses
  • telescope
  • binoculars
  • microscope
  • bird watching guide
  • a gaming console like xbox one x, ps4 pro, nintendo switch
  • virtual reality headset
  • rechargeable flashlight
  • hunting rangefinder
  • a new book in his favorite genre
  • a sentimental note

Sound Gift Ideas

How can you make him hear ‘I Love You’ without the words coming from your mouth? These audio gifts should do the trick.
When it comes to 5 senses gift ideas for him to hear, the go-tos are gifts that have to do with music. If you have the budget for drum kits and speakers, then that’s awesome. But there are also plenty of sound gifts for him that are cheap. You can make him a Spotify playlist, buy him some earbuds or even gift him a recording of you singing a song or reciting a poem that he likes.

Examples of great “sound” or “hear” gifts for him:

  • novelty alarm clock
  • wireless microphone
  • custom guitar pick (love this one!)
  • headphones
  • earbuds
  • regular or bluetooth speakers
  • music streaming gift card
  • cd / mp3 player
  • windchimes
  • radio
  • drum kit
  • keyboard
  • midi controller
  • turntable
  • DJ equipment
  • antique record player 
  • keyboard
  • guitar
  • amplifier
  • homemade CD of his favorite songs
  • podcast subscription 
  • soundwave artwork 
  • power tools
  • white noise machine
  • concert tickets

Smell Gift Ideas

Picking sense of smell gifts for him is a way for you to make this occasion memorable. According to studies, out of all the 5 senses, the sense of smell triggers the strongest memories. Luckily, smell is one of the 5 senses that is easy to shop for. Scented gifts are the best gifts for him because they’ll have him thinking of you with every whiff (especially this candle down below).

Examples of great “smell” gifts for him:

  • cologne 
  • aftershave lotion
  • manly scented candles
  • essential oils to help him relax
  • activated charcoal deodorizers for his workout gear
  • air freshener for his truck or car
  • beard oil 
  • fragrant soaps

Taste Gift Ideas

Why do taste gifts include some of the most fun ideas for your man? Because this is the senses gift that involves his favorite snacks and drinks and who doesn’t love that?
When it comes to my husband, the best taste gift ideas for him include vanilla cream soda to drink and kettle corn to munch on. It puts a smile on his face every time and you can make his life sweeter with the following ideas.

favorite taste gifts
1. Game Jerky Sticks Variety Pack
(alligator, elk, buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich, pheasant, venison, wild boar)
2. Printable Restaurant Gift Certificate
3. Grilling Spices & Rubs (Pack of 20)
4. Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit

Examples of great “taste” gifts for him:

  • wine glass
  • beer mug
  • coffee mugs
  • cheese board
  • his favorite energy drinks
  • chocolate bar
  • grilling kit 
  • candy bars
  • snack mixes
  • popcorn maker
  • beef jerky gift set
  • ice cream maker
  • pasta machine
  • pizza cutter
  • sandwich makers
  • cookie cutters
  • cake pans
  • wine opener
  • coffee maker
  • homemade hot sauce kit 
  • wine cooler
  • beer fridge
  • date night coupon to his fave restaurant
  • summer sausage variety pack

Touch Gift Ideas

Sense of touch gifts for him might be the most steamy out of all the gifts you give him. The best gift ideas for men in this category are ones that involve them using their hands or gifts that provide physical stimulation and/or comfort. Other gift ideas include things that he can wear or use for exercise.

Examples of great “touch” gifts for him:

  • leather gloves
  • stress ball
  • gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure
  • silly putty
  • fuzzy socks
  • faux fur jacket
  • puzzles
  • card games
  • braided belt 
  • new ballcap 
  • multitool 
  • DIY coupon for a massage from you
  • waterproof watch
  • beard trimmer
  • razor 
  • engraved wallet 
  • new pair of shoes
  • weighted blanket

Now that the gifts are selected, the last step is to wrap them all up in a creative and fabulous way.

5 Senses Gift-Packaging Ideas

The most popular option is to wrap each gift individually and label them with their respective senses.

Here are some of the cutest ones I’ve seen throughout the internet for your inspiration:

  1. Kraft Paper Wrapped & Hand-Lettered
  2. Coordinating Gift Bags
  3. Each Gift Differently Packaged

Prefer to BUY the packaging? Here are some nice options:

  1. Labeled Gift Bags
  2. Printable Black & Gold Gift Tags
  3. 5 Senses Gift Card Set
... Have you seen
my free printable gift tags for CHRISTMAS & 
these printable BIRTHDAY gift tags...

Finally, make sure to include a gift card or message with a cute pun-y message like:

  • “Everything makes perfect sense when I’m with you”
  • “Being with you makes perfect sense
  • “I love you with all my senses
  • “I love you in every sense of the word”

There you go. You now have everything you need to create the 5 senses gifts for him.


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