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57 Boredom-Busting Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

When circumstances make it hard to take a ‘time-out’, use these stay at home date ideas to keep the romance alive.

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Is it time for date night but don’t want to leave the house (or can’t)?

No worries, I’ve gathered 57 stay-at-home date ideas for every type of couple whether you’re married, in a committed relationship, or ready for that jittery first date.

Binge-watching entire seasons is fun and all, but sometimes you just want something more.

And more is what I’m delivering today 🙂 

How to Plan the Ultimate Stay at Home Date Night for Couples

Planning a stay-at home date can be confusing, especially if you two have been a couple for years. 

I recently was in a similar situation, which led me to brainstorm stay at home date ideas for my husband and I. And I’m more than happy to share my fun ideas with you!   

Before you plan your next date night, make sure you’ve considered the five things below.

Keep Your Partner’s Choices in Mind 

At home date nights are usually casual and fun, so don’t make too big of a deal out of them. Just enjoy the moment! 

If my partner shows disinterest in one date idea, I gladly move on to the next. 

Check Your Schedules and Plan in Advance

Don’t go the last minute route unless you both agree to it. Take time to plan ahead, and mark it on the calendar.

Aim for at least a week in advance, so you both have time to adjust your schedules and turn off “work” mode. 

Pick Something Both of You Enjoy 

The key to a perfect date night is enjoying a shared interest together.  

You don’t want to go all-in on a date only to see your partner nose-deep in his phone because he’s bored.

Making Fancy Dinner Is Always an Option 

Cooking up a 3-course meal and setting the table with special dinnerware may be all you need. 

Don’t overestimate the power of a good meal. They do say, after all, that it’s the way to most mens hearts. 

Look up fancy dinner recipes for two and source fresh ingredients from the store. 

Your Backyard Can Be Your Ultimate Dating Spot

If you have a backyard, I can show you ten different things you can do without moping about the house. 

For starters, you and your partner could start gardening. Or, you can have a barbecue party followed by a cozy bonfire.  

And how about this – set up a tent in the yard and maybe only pack one sleeping bag 😉

My point is, why let lockdowns ruin your fun when there are literally hundreds of home date ideas you can enjoy right here and now? 

Keep reading…I’ve organized them by date type. No budget? No problem. Want romance? You got it. 

Grab a pen and paper (or just copy & paste) your favorite ideas from the list below.

Fun Quarantine Date Ideas 

Are you quarantining with your partner? Then you might as well have some fun to pass the time. 

Or maybe you just need some creative activities for couples that don’t involve large groups of people. 

Either way, these stay at home date ideas fit the bill! 

1. Arrange a Karaoke Night 

When was the last time you sang your favorite songs? It was probably a long time ago. 

What if I said you could have the same fun at home — this time in your sweatpants? Now is a good time to bring back karaoke nights. 

Grab a karaoke microphone, sing along to the lyrics and get your partner to do the same! Once you get loose, the hours will simply tick away. 

2. Write Each Other Letters 

Even when you’re in the same room, you probably shoot meaningless texts at each other’s phones. 

How about going old-school and writing love letters for a change? 

This is something I tried personally, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to communicate with their partner on a deeper level. 

3. Practice a Makeup Tutorial

I came across a random “Boyfriend does my makeup” video a few weeks ago. 

I knew I had to try it and, of course, drag my hubby along with it. Getting him on board was interesting to say the least. 

But if your partner is a perfectionist like mine, he’ll put his heart and soul into nailing that winged eyeliner. 

4. At Home Massage Sessions  

Giving each other massages can be a fun and sensual experience. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube that teach you the basics of a good massage. 

Just type out what you’re looking for, play some flute music in the background, and voila! It’s your DIY massage parlor, and your partner has a free ticket. 

5. Learn New Dance Moves 

If you’ve been putting off dancing for some time, consider learning it in quarantine. 

Showing off a new dance move will not only surprise everyone at the next party but also bring you two closer as a couple. 

Want to turn up the heat in your living room? Learn romantic dances like salsa, tango, or waltz.

6. Visit a Museum Online 

No, I’m not telling you to visit the Museum of Modern Art amidst a pandemic. Just hear me out. 

Many museums have opened their doors to people to offer free virtual tours and online exhibitions. 

Imagine…you and your partner could be hanging out on the couch visiting the iconic Louvre in Paris.

7. Cozy Up with Good Music 

Most of the time, you don’t need to spend money to keep the romance alive. 

That’s because a simple date night at home listening to music in bed is so much fun. Or, you can always turn up the volume and dance away the night. 

8. Play a Board Game for Two

When you’re both tired, the idea of sitting through a board game sounds impossible. But now that you have all the time in the world, you might as well sit down with your partner and play a game of Scrabble. 

We love a good game of Uno at our house. I know some others that enjoy board games like Codenames Duet and Sushi Go! 

Let me warn you, though, board games can get competitive fast.

9. Stream a Concert 

Sure, there’s nothing like being there in person, but if your hands are tied and there’s no way you can go, you can rock out to your favorite band at home. 

Many bands now livestream their concerts or record virtual concerts that you can enjoy without leaving your living room. 

10. Make Travel Plans for the Future 

If you always wanted to go on your dream vacation, plan ahead and start saving! 

Make a travel book in advance, print out the landmarks, and write down everything you want to do once you get there.

must read : Making a Yearly Relationship Bucket List

Romantic Date Ideas at Home Especially “For Him”

Who says at home date nights are boring? There are plenty of things you can do together that are delightful on your part and entertaining on his. 

Here are 7 more home date night ideas that will turn your colorless evenings into a romantic getaway. 

Take notes, ladies! 

11. Cook Him His Favorite Meal 

They were probably not wrong when they said the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 

Surprising him with his favorite food is better than ordering the same old takeout. 

If you’re bad at it (which I’m sure is not true), you can always follow a recipe online. 

If food is the way to your hubby’s heart, try some of these food-related romantic gestures.

12. Enjoy a Spa Night Together 

A spa night in your own home is both sensual and relaxing. For your home spa date, you’re going to need soft towels, body oils, slices of cucumber, and music. 

If you can arrange a pedicure for two, even better. 

13. Bowl in the Hallway 

Other than playing Cornhole and Pickleball, there aren’t many backyard sports that are easy to set up. 

For an easy idea, try bowling in the hallway

It’s light-hearted, competitive, and the easiest to arrange.

14. Camp in the Backyard 

Tired of walking back and forth from your bedroom to the kitchen? Consider camping with your partner in the backyard. 

You can both cozy up in the tent with your favorite finger foods in a bowl. 

And there’s no shame in playing forest sounds from Youtube for special effect. 

15. Stargaze and Reminisce 

It’s a great way to spend quality time together, especially if your partner has been feeling under the weather and low on energy. 

Spread out a blanket on the grass and watch the stars shine across the sky. 

It’s a great way to be romantic without spending money.

16. Prepare a Dessert Bar 

My partner and I both have sweet tooths. So we’re always looking up chocolate cakes and yet another recipe for fudge brownies. 

Recently, we took it up a notch with a fun dessert bar for the two of us. 

All you need is S’mores, chocolate squares, cookies, pillow mints, sweet tarts and truffles. 

I think this is one of the best stay at home anniversary ideas!

17. Watch His Favorite Sports 

If your man is a sports fan, chances are he’ll be one for life. 

If you’re not already familiar with it, try learning his favorite sport so that you can pitch in on game night commentary. 

You sitting there on the couch, watching his favorite game, means more to him than you know. 

First Date Ideas 

Dating in the 21st century amirite?
First dates can be extremely nerve-wracking and it’s hard to know what to expect .

My at-home first date ideas put you in an environment where you are comfortable, having fun, and getting to know each other at the same time!  

18. A Table for Two on the Balcony 

Staying in helps you to be yourself and have a meaningful conversation with your new date. 

In that case, the view from your balcony (if you have one) would be a nice touch. 

Since it’s your first date, save that fancy dinner plan and mood music for another time.

19. Play Truth or Dare  

This game is where you pull out all the stops and ask your partner the wildest questions you can think of. It’s one of my favorite cheap date night ideas.

It’s also a casual way to see if they’re willing to open up to you. 

20. Make a Playlist and Dance   

Want to have musical moments with your partner at home but too shy for karaoke? 

I have something better in mind – a playlist of your favorite tracks. Dancing to music that you love should help you two make fond memories.  

21. Play Video Games on the Couch 

The secret to any great date is to share a fun experience! I personally don’t mind a video game night if it’s Super Mario or League of Legends. 

But beating an escape room is one of my favorite date ideas so far. 

Play games that you both like, and watch how they add extra fun to your new relationship.

22. Watch Something on Netflix   

Thanks to the wide variety of movies and TV series on Netflix, you won’t feel bored for a second on regular date nights. 

This new generation even coined the term ‘Netflix and chill’ for date nights like these.

23. Try a Fun Trivia Game 

Another classic thing to do on a romantic date night is trivia games. It can include anything, from the ancient ‘Truth or Dare’ to the modern ‘Never Have I Ever.’ 

24. Learn a New Craft Together

If you two love DIY crafts, learn something new together on your first date. 

A favorite creative home date idea is making pottery with my partner or tie-dying a plain white tee. 

25. Set up a Coffee Date 

A coffee shop is the quintessential, low-key first date. But what happens when you can’t go out? Bring the coffee shop to you! 

Order some specialty brews online ahead of time, play low-volume music in the background, and set up some comfy chairs in the living room, and you have yourself a coffee date at home fit for a Java King.  

26. Take a Personality Test

Personality tests may bring up aspects of your character you didn’t know existed.

Tests like these are pretty fun for new couples. They reveal the good and the bad, so that you can work through them as a team.

27. Just Sit Down and Talk

Not everyone is a fan of movies or random games. Some just want to sit back on the couch, hold hands, and talk. 

These 200 Deep Questions to Ask Your Partner will give you plenty to learn about each other.

This is especially a great option for first dates because it allows you to really get to know the person. 

Unique & Creative Date Ideas at Home

While looking for ideas for me and my husband, I came across some pretty interesting options I would’ve never thought of myself. 

I decided to put these in their own category of especially creative and unique ways to have fun together at home. 

28. Make a Bonfire in the Yard 

Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean staying indoors. Don’t forget about your backyard!

You can make S’mores and popcorn by a campfire. If you play guitar, now would be a good time to strum a few notes for your mate. 

29. Solve a Murder Mystery as a Couple

Do you consider yourselves a power couple? Prove it by surviving as a detective duo in the 90’s.

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Deception, and Mythos Tales are entertaining murder mystery games you can try.  

30. Do Some Gardening Together

Gardening is much more fun when you can share it with another person. 

It was one of the first few stay-at-home date ideas I had in mind. 

There’s something special about getting your hands dirty together and watching something grow.

31. Put Together a Hard Puzzle 

Completing a hard puzzle provides great satisfaction, and the moments building up to it are thrilling to say the least. 

You can spend hours talking out possible solutions. And if you both love ice cream, bring a tub, and you have a sweet, romantic date in the making. 

32. Lights Out! 

It’s time to light up caramel-scented candles and put your devices away. Add a relaxing bubble bath with music and wine, and you have the best date idea for married couples. 

It’s one of my favorite stay at home Valentines Day ideas, and it’s never gone wrong!

33. Give Your Bedroom a Makeover 

Do you miss staying in a fancy hotel room with your hubby? Try turning your bedroom into a luxury hotel room for a home date night. 

Get white luxurious linens and pillows, switch up to monochrome curtains, and serve yourselves a fancy breakfast in bed.

34. Play ‘Would You Rather’ (or 20 Questions) 

One of the most popular date night game reveals subtle hints of your partner’s character and innermost wishes.

It could prove interesting. I’ll just leave it at that. 

Plus, it gives you an excuse to ask them questions you’d be too shy to ask otherwise.

35. Take a Fun Painting Class  

Looking at a painting in an art museum is fun for some, but putting paint on canvas yourself is way better. 

There are video tutorials you can follow along with on YouTube that make it easy even for the non-artist. 

36. Make a DIY Photo Book

Got sharpies, stickers, and stationery sitting around the house? Maybe a boat-load of old photos to sort? 

Try making a scrapbook or journal of your love story together. 

37. Build a Piece of Furniture Together!

My husband came up with this fun date idea of making a cabinet for our bedroom. 

Initially, I was skeptical since it takes lots of focus and hard work. 

Fast forward to today, and I’m glad we saw it through. It gave us a shared purpose, and I love the end result! 

Stay-In Movie Night Ideas

Do you spend your movie night disagreeing over what show to watch? It may help to settle on a genre beforehand. 

Then all that’s left is loading up on snack bowls and enjoying the occasional canoodling.

38. Rewatch a Childhood Favorite

When you watch a favorite movie from your childhood, you give your partner a peek at what you found entertaining growing up. 

Besides, who can say no to a fantastical movie with its wholesome plot and cheesy music? 

39. Give Rom Coms a Chance 

My idea of a romantic evening is watching rom coms with my husband. 

Light and breezy shows are easy to binge, especially after a hectic day when you just want to spend time with them and wind down. 

40. Living Room Campouts

Don’t have a backyard? No problem! Your living room floor is just as good. 

Set up the camp there and bring your comfiest blankets. Now, huddle up with your partner, run a movie in the background, play card games, and make fun memories. 

41. Prepare an Asian-Style Snack Board 

Every good movie night calls for a snack board. Plan an Asian snack box with simple rice crackers, egg rolls, shrimp chips, and ramen noodles!

42. Rent a Movie You’d Otherwise Never Watch 

An unforgettable date for my husband and I was the time we rented a Kung Fu movie that we could barely understand. 

I’m not usually a fan of such movies, but hey, it wasn’t so bad after two ice cream sundaes.

43. Popcorn Is Always in Season

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t want to imagine movie nights without popcorn. 

Get yourselves an at home popcorn machine to get the full movie theater experience.

Or maybe you’re more a fan of chocolate-covered strawberries, that’s fine. Add those too! 

44. Horror Movies in a Scary Setting

Watching a horror movie with your windows open can get pretty scary. But sometimes, that’s what it takes to get a good adrenaline rush. 

As long as your other half is there, it’ll only bring you two closer (literally). 

45. Watch an Interesting Documentary Together 

Why have deep conversations with your loved one over pent-up feelings only? 

A documentary can provide some unexpected, thought-provoking ideas to talk about, and you just might learn something new. 

46. Make Your Own Movie (and Get Creative!) 

Ever thought about directing and acting in your own film? No? Maybe try it out on your next date night.

Grab that old camcorder (ok, maybe just your iPhone) and make fun short clips with your sweetheart. 

47. Play Your Old Videos on Big Screen 

This is a simple go-to for a date night at home with my husband

We have lots of videos from trips we took as a couple, and we never get tired of watching them on TV!

Stay at Home Dinner Date Ideas

Running out of dinnertime date night ideas? Here are a few more for a perfectly delicious date. 

48. Challenge Each Other to the Ultimate Cook-off

Who wears the kitchen apron in your house? For this stay-at-home date idea, it doesn’t matter. 

Select a menu, follow your favorite cookbook, and challenge your partner to prepare the same meal. 

Cooking dinner side by side helps you bond (and share the housework in a fun way). 

49. Recreate Your Favorite Dinner at Home 

Now that many restaurants are closed, try cooking your go-to meal from your favorite restaurant at home.

There’s a copycat recipe online for just about every fancy favorite out there. 

50. Candlelight Dinner (and Wear Something Fancy!)  

This idea came about during a power outage. Surprisingly enough, it was just the thing my husband and I needed for a romantic evening together.

51. Try Homemade Sushi Recipes 

Learn how to make sushi with a travel-inspired themed dinner. 

If you have a rice cooker at home, you’re halfway there. You might need to go to a specialty shop to get the seaweed sheets

52. Arrange a Picnic in the Backyard 

This is one of the ideas my husband and I tried during lockdown, and it was so much fun. 

If you’re planning the same, try making a cheese-tasting tray and pair it with a variety of fresh fruit. 

53. Grocery Shopping (with a Twist)

Here’s how it works:

You and your partner go grocery shopping and pick out some ingredients. 

You have to cook a themed dinner based on your partner’s picks (no matter how weird they are), and he/she does the same for you. 

54. Recipes That Give Him/Her a Taste of Home

If you two are from different countries, cultures, or states, there’s a high chance you grew up liking different cuisines. 

Try giving your sweetheart a taste of home by cooking a meal you grew up eating. 

55. Put Your Baking Skills to Action  

You can easily turn a stay-at-home date night into a bake-off challenge. 

One time my husband and I baked Nigerian meatpies for dinner. Well, we sure found out that he’s gotta stick with his day job! 

56. Explore New Cuisines 

It’s natural to get tired after consuming the same type of food over and over again. 

Try exploring cooking styles from around the world. Again, the internet comes in handy here. 

57. Get Take-Out from a Different Restaurant 

If you and your partner have a convenient drive-thru in the neighborhood, you’re probably not giving other restaurants a chance. 

Try ordering dinner from a totally different place that you wouldn’t normally try. 

Who knows…it might just become your new favorite. 

There you have it! 57 at-home date ideas; you no longer have to keep asking yourselves “what should we do” every week. You’re welcome! 🙂

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