52 Job Affirmations for Success in the Workplace

This post is all about using job affirmations to find and thrive in your dream career.

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I have found myself at a career crossroads.

My family is moving out of state and I haven’t been able to find a new job.
To be honest, it seems like God is leading me to change careers and to become a full-time entrepreneur but y’all, the thought has me shaking in my boots.
I really thought I would retire in my current career!

Among so many other concerns and doubts, I keep wondering if I have what it takes to start a brand new career and I also wonder who I will be when I can’t define myself by my current job.

As you know from my many affirmation posts, I believe in using positive thinking to bring about positive outcomes.

So, in this post, I am sharing lists of job affirmations that are created specifically for workplace success.

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How to Attract Your Dream Job

One of the steps to attracting your dream job is to change your mental atmosphere. There are so many limiting beliefs that we pick up through life (from our childhood, our relationships, media, etc) that keep us from taking risks and working towards what we want.

You can break those negative belief systems using affirmations.

Affirmations are declarative statements that you speak to yourself to achieve a desired result. With repetition, the words start to take root in your subconscious and this will change your attitude, your behavior and affect the way you make moves and decisions.
(For more information on daily affirmations, read positive affirmations to say every day).

Even If you don’t plan on a new job anytime soon, affirmations can skyrocket your confidence, encourage you to go after promotions and overall, lower your stress and improve your job satisfaction.

How to Use Affirmations to Ace an Interview or Find a New Job

For interview success or to find a new job, you must combine the use of affirmations with actual actions. You still have to set goals, develop skills and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Do not expect someone to call you with an amazing career simply because you read through these affirmations. Do not stop sending in applications or preparing for your interviews.
Affirmations are not magic. That is not how they work. (Faith without works is dead, amiright?)

What the affirmations will do is to get rid of limiting mindsets that make you second guess your value, keep you stuck in the same old position or make you think that you can’t be happy at work. They will help you get rid of self sabotaging habits that keep you from moving forward (things like being late, not trying your best or being too scared to share innovative ideas that you come up with).

How to Use Job Affirmations

  1. Write or print out a list of affirmations (use the ones below if you can’t think of any)

2. Repeat them daily with faith and without distractions.

  • Some good times to say your affirmations include:
    • Before getting out of bed (keep them on notecards on your bedside)
    • In front of the mirror as you prepare for work
    • In the car as you drive to work or drive to an interview
    • At your work desk or cubicle when you encounter doubt or work stress
    • In your head as you wait to be called in for an interview (or evaluation)

52 Job Affirmations for Workplace Success

When you are having trouble coming up with what to tell yourself, the following affirmations will make it easy to create your own list.

These job affirmations are broken down into 7 different sections or types:

  • affirmations to nail your job interview
  • affirmations to land your dream job
  • the best affirmations for job seekers
  • positive affirmations for employees
  • affirmations to get that promotion that you want
  • affirmations for general job success
  • affirmations for a career change

Affirmations to Nail Your Job Interview

Job interviews can be intimidating and make you question your self worth and capability. If you are on the search for motivational affirmations to say before an interview, the following job interview affirmations will boost your confidence during the job search.

  1. I am a natural at job interviews
  2. I am capable of answering all interview questions meaningfully
  3. Every interview is an opportunity to learn and improve
  4. I am confident and courageous
  5. Interviewers find me interesting and well-spoken
  6. Every interview brings me closer to my next job
  7. My energy is contagious and interviewers are drawn to me
  8. I exude capability
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Affirmations to Land Your Dream Job

Sometimes when you are stuck in a rut, it is hard to imagine that a ‘dream job’ exists. However, I can assure you that you can find a position that you are passionate about. Use these dream job affirmations for a successful career that you truly love.

  1. I trust that my career path is guided by God
  2. My goals are scary but attainable
  3. My current job is a stepping stone to my dream position
  4. I can visualize myself in my dream job
  5. I am bold enough to negotiate a high salary. I am worth a high salary.
  6. I am a job magnet; I attract new opportunities constantly.

The Best Affirmations for Job Seekers

Land your dream role using positive affirmations for a new job. Affirmations for job opportunities can stop you from getting in your own way. And if you struggle to believe that there are plenty of opportunities out there for the taking, these abundance affirmations will help you to understand it deep down.

  1. I attract new opportunities
  2. I see doors opening for me
  3. Every application that I submit is a possible ‘yes’; every one that I don’t is an absolute ‘no’
  4. I am successful in all that I do
  5. The perfect job is looking for me
  6. I find it easy to network and make quality relationships
  7. All of my time spent job searching will pay off

Positive Affirmations for Employees

Do you need help navigating work stress or work politics? These list of positive affirmations for work can motivate you to complete your job duties, boost productivity and manage stress. These mantras set you up for everyday success.

  1. I am productive
  2. I am a valuable team member
  3. I am a supportive and encouraging coworker
  4. I give my best at work on a daily basis
  5. I use my time wisely
  6. I freely give the appreciation and respect that I wish to receive
  7. I find it easy to ask for help
  8. My job is a blessing and I am grateful for it

Affirmations to Get That Promotion You’ve Been Wanting

Is fear keeping you from climbing the career ladder? Does competition intimidate you? Imposter syndrome will tell you that you’re a fraud and make it difficult to accept your competence and skills. These affirmations for a job promotion will help you overcome mental blocks that keep you from getting that promotion.

  1. I am an asset to this organization
  2. I am ready for the next step in my career
  3. I am committed to excellence
  4. I am committed to lifelong learning and growth
  5. I deserve to be paid what I am worth
  6. I am winning the battle against imposter syndrome
  7. I have earned my seat at the table

Affirmations for General Job Success 

Do you have the belief that you can enjoy your job and do you struggle with the mental belief that work always has to feel unpleasant? Affirmations for job success can transform your mindset to find happiness and satisfaction from your job.

  1. I attract success
  2. My job brings me joy, happiness and satisfaction
  3. I am capable of achieving satisfactory work-life balance
  4. I take constructive criticism and improve my performance daily
  5. I bring positivity to work every day
  6. I am solution oriented
  7. I can easily learn anything that I don’t know how to do
  8. The work that I am doing is highly appreciated

Affirmations for a Career Change

Changing careers can be scary! I can say that from first hand experience. Career affirmations are a way to set your career goals in motion and destroy the doubt that keeps you from making courageous changes.

  1. I am ready to take my career to the next level
  2. I can find a career that brings me joy and meaning
  3. I am prosperous despite the economy
  4. I express my talents and passions in a career that I love
  5. I do not settle
  6. I am prepared to tackle any obstacle that comes my way
  7. I am optimistic about changing careers
  8. I am building my empire
  9. This transition is bumpy but it is worthwhile

How Long Do Affirmations Take to Work?

Repetition is key. The more you say them, the more your brain is forced to believe nothing else.

This is a tricky question because I see affirmations as an ongoing practice. When you arrive at the goal that you had in mind, you can say that they have done their job.

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Think of job affirmations as your own personal pep talk before you step into your workplace or enter an interview.

They will help you to see the possibilities in situations that look impossible and build confidence and positivity which are attractive to coworkers, interviewers and everyone around!

Which one of these positive affirmations for a job do you plan to recite over and over again?

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