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85 Affirmations for Beauty to Feel Beautiful Inside & Out

This post is all about affirmations for beauty.

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What happens when you don’t feel beautiful?

Do you find yourself saying (or thinking) things like “Nothing looks good on meorI will look so much better if I lose weightorMy hair/skin/face isn’t as nice as hers“?

It’s time to realize that these over-critical thoughts are not helping you become more attractive.
You see…. what you think and say about your appearance actually affects your body image and beauty.

In this post, I will be sharing affirmations for beauty to help you get rid of a negative self image and grow a healthy self-outlook.

What You Need to Know About Physical Beauty and Appearance Affirmations

Have you ever noticed that when you feel low on self esteem, you tend to hunch over, avoid eye contact and/or choose clothes that hide your body? I’ve noticed that I do that.
I am also less likely to enhance my best attributes because I have this thought of “it won’t help anyways”.

So, just by thinking that I don’t look beautiful, I find myself doing things that make me less attractive. (Self-fulfilling prophecy!)

What you need to know is that you are already beautiful, without qualifiers and without exception.
Because of that, these appearance affirmations are not meant to change your physical features, they are to help you accept, appreciate and enhance the beauty that you already possess.

How the Law of Attraction Can Attract Beauty

Consistent with the law of attraction, affirmations for beauty are to attract the feelings of beauty that you seek.

Whether you realize it or not, you are always having a conversation with yourself and this is known as “Self Talk”.
Your self talk determines how you view yourself which then determines your everyday decisions and direction. I love the way that NPR describes self talk as “internal remodeling”.

To attract beauty into your life and get rid of ugly thoughts, get into the habit of speaking/thinking positive statements, especially ones that start with “I AM”.

“I Am” Beautiful Self Talk Tips

Many people see Lizzo as a beacon of self love and acceptance. Well, do you wonder how she got there? Lizzo uses positive self talk to accept her body, specifically her belly, and skyrocket her self esteem.

If done correctly, positive self-speak can transform you too.
Here are 4 tips to reconstruct your self talk today:

  1. Start to notice what you are saying to yourself
    What do you say when you don’t feel pretty or when a pimple pops up overnight or when you see someone whose looks may intimidate you. Do you speak to yourself from a place of abundance or do you criticize yourself?
  2. Practice your Mirror Work
    Mirror work is positive self talk that is done while looking at yourself in the mirror. It is meant to expose and counteract your inner critic while forming an intimate and compassionate relationship with your inner self.
  3. Talk to yourself in a comfortable environment
    Changing your self talk can be uncomfortable, especially when you are just starting out. Make sure that you create a relaxing environment that makes it easy for you to speak and believe these words.
  4. Use targeted statements
    Use “I AM” statements that are targeted toward the areas that you find most difficult to love. For me, I use fertility affirmations because I struggle with appreciating my body after pregnancy loss. You may choose to focus on job affirmations or even attracting the love of someone special, for example.

85 Beauty Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

I’ve put together a list of affirmations about beauty to start you on your “internal remodeling” journey.
This beauty affirmations list is organized into the following sub-categories:

  • affirmations for beautiful hair
  • affirmations for beautiful skin
  • affirmations for physical appearance (smile, face & eyes)
  • affirmations for body image
  • affirmations for inner beauty
  • affirmations for self acceptance
I am a masterpiece - affirmations for beauty
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For Beautiful Hair

Did you know that stress can literally affect your hair health? If loving your natural hair is something that you struggle with, repeating the following affirmations for beautiful hair will help you to release hair-related stress and transform its appearance.

  1. My hair grows thick and luscious
  2. My hair is perfect for me
  3. I am empowered by my hair
  4. Every day is a good hair day
  5. My scalp is healthy and supplies my hair with all of the nourishment that it needs
  6. I take care of myself by keeping my hair clean and healthy
  7. My hair compliments my face and my frame
  8. I am happy with the way that my hair looks
  9. My hair is the crown that adorns my body
  10. My hair texture is a blessing
  11. This gray hair is a glorious crown
  12. My curl pattern is easy to manage
  13. I am not afraid to try new hairstyles
  14. My hair is fabulous, whether it is short, medium or long length

For Beautiful Skin 

This section is personal to me. For as long as I can remember, I have been insecure about my skin- my large pores, hyperpigmentation and the fact that it is acne-prone. Well you know what? The last 20-something years of talking down my skin hasn’t done anything to change it. And so I am learning to focus on accepting, loving and nurturing my skin instead. These affirmations for clear skin do just that.

  1. I enjoy taking care of my skin
  2. I love my beautiful complexion
  3. My skin is getting clearer from the inside out
  4. I eat well, exercise and take care of myself to heal my skin from the inside out
  5. My skin is an effective and protective barrier, just as it was meant to be
  6. I embrace aging
  7. I am healthy and healthy is beautiful
  8. My skin takes care of me
  9. Blemishes are temporary and my skin will heal with time
  10. My skin is hydrated and glowing
  11. I appreciate my stretch marks

For Physical Appearance: Smile, Face, and Eyes

These affirmations for beautiful eyes, face and smile are to help you stop feeling self conscious about your physical features. Affirmations for attractiveness work best when you target the features that you are most insecure about.

  1. My smile is radiant and reflects my inner beauty
  2. The more I smile, the more beautiful I look
  3. My lips frame my smile in a very desirable way
  4. My smile shows that I am happy and bubbly
  5. My face is very attractive
  6. I love how I look without makeup
  7. My nose is gracefully shaped
  8. I am blessed with a natural glow
  9. When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful face looking back at me
  10. My eyes exude beauty and confidence
  11. I have beautifully shaped eyes
  12. My eyes are magnetic
  13. I am admired for my unique beauty

For Body Image

Body image is how you see yourself when you picture you in your mind. Body image affirmations are important because if you have a poor body image, you will make poor choices when it comes to your health and taking care of yourself. Having an elevated view of your beautiful body, on the other hand, will lead you to cherish it and take care of it.

(And if you need more help in boosting your self-perception, check out my affirmations for confidence).

beautiful soul in a beautiful body affirmation
  1. I do not compare the way that I look to anyone else
  2. My opinion of myself is the only one that counts
  3. The number on the scale has nothing to do with who I am
  4. I am naturally beautiful
  5. My body radiates strength
  6. I carry myself elegantly
  7. I take the time to make myself look my best
  8. I love dressing my body
  9. My beauty is infinite
  10. I deserve to feel beautiful
  11. I choose to say kind things about myself
  12. My body is sexy and gorgeous
  13. My style is fabulous
  14. It is easy for me to believe that I am beautiful
  15. There is no such thing as an ideal or perfect body type
  16. I feel feminine
  17. My beauty is only defined by me and I say I am gorgeous!
  18. I get more and more beautiful with each passing year

For Inner Beauty

Have you ever met someone with a magnetic personality? They make it easy to want them around because their beauty shines from the inside to the outside. You can achieve that with these affirmations for inner beauty.

  1. Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of the body
  2. I radiate beauty from the inside
  3. My inner self radiates goodness into the world
  4. I reject all and any feelings of unattractiveness
  5. I am a beautiful soul in a beautiful body
  6. Other people are inspired by my presence
  7. I allow beauty into my life
  8. My relentlessly positive spirit causes people to light up when they see me
  9. I have a beautiful spirit and a beautiful soul
  10. People are drawn to my inner beauty
  11. I find beauty in everything around me
  12. My inner joy makes me irresistible
  13. My personality makes me even more beautiful
  14. I feel sexier now than I’ve felt in years

For Self-Acceptance

Finally, are you satisfied with yourself as you are right this moment? When you take a realistic evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, do you approve of yourself? These self acceptance affirmations will help you to answer “yes” to these questions and to love who you are, without conditions or exceptions.

  1. I am both a beautiful masterpiece and a work in progress
  2. I am satisfied with how I look
  3. Being beautiful comes naturally to me
  4. I am grateful to be this beautiful
  5. I treat myself like the rare and precious jewel that I am
  6. I am comfortable in my own skin
  7. I am proud of the way that I look
  8. I will always be beautiful regardless of my age
  9. I forgive myself
  10. I am at peace with my past
  11. I release all overcritical thoughts about my appearance
  12. I release all of my insecurities. I release all of the hate.
  13. I am imperfectly perfect
  14. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else
  15. My beauty is worthy of celebration

A Collection of Beauty Quotes & Sayings to Inspire You

While an affirmation is a simple, declarative statement in the present tense, quotes are much more flexible. Quotes are opinions or statements that have already been said by someone else. They can be presented in any tense and can be of any length.
Sometimes you need a good quote that represents how you feel. These quotes about beauty can be used for inspiration, for your social media or for any purpose really.  

  • Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful“.
    – Sophia Loren
  • True beauty is when someone radiates that they like themselves.
    – Aimee Mullins
  • Happy girls are the prettiest
    – Audrey Hepburn
  • If you’re pretty, you’re pretty. But the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just ‘congratulations about your face’
    – John Mayer
  • To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. When you are born a lotus flower, be a beautiful lotus flower, don’t try to be a magnolia flower. If you crave acceptance and recognition and try to change yourself to fit what other people want you to be, you will suffer all your life. True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, having confidence in yourself“.
    – Thich Nhat Hanh
  • That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste“.
    – John Green
  • Beauty is not caused. It is.
    – Emily Dickinson
  • Take care of your inner spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face.
    – Dolores del Rio
  • There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.”
    – Edgar Allan Poe
  • Outer beauty is a gift, inner beauty is an accomplishment
    – Randy G. Fine

How to Practice Positive Beauty Affirmations to Feel Attractive 

How many affirmations you should say per day depends on how many you need to hear to transform your mindset.

Go through the lists above and write down the affirmations that are most closely related to your insecurities. Then, start with saying those every day.
Some people choose to say affirmations once daily, others choose to say them 3 times a day or just whenever they remember.

I believe that you will figure out what fits your unique need.
And if you need more help in this area, I recommend that you read positive affirmations to say every day.

Do Beauty Affirmations Really Work?

Think of beauty manifestation affirmations as an internal detox. You are flushing out the bad thoughts about your appearance and filling up on positive thoughts about your self image instead.

Can Affirmations Change Your Appearance or Make You Beautiful?

There is a quote that says “beauty starts in your head, not in the mirror“.

These physical appearance affirmations won’t move or change your physical features. But they will make you happier with your appearance. And the happier you are, the more beautiful you are.

These are the best affirmations for beauty to assist you on your journey to a healthy self image.

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