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20+ Short Poems about Turning 30 (for 30th Birthday Cards & Social Media Tributes)

In this post, you will find twenty-four turning-30 poems that you can use on 30th birthday cards and messages.

turning 30 poems - hand lighting birthday candle

30 is one of the most celebrated milestone birthdays! And for good reason.

Living three whole decades is a major cause for celebration!
In addition to that, 30 is the age that most people view as the end of “young adulthood”. As such, people celebrate with parties, trips, presents and other types of shenanigans.

Needless to say, you will most likely find yourself writing a birthday message for someone turning 30, at some point.

Maybe on a birthday card or birthday gift tags, a shoutout on social media or a toast at a party.

A unique way to share clever birthday messages is with poetry.

It’s creative, entertaining and shows that you put in effort.

So, whether you are celebrating a child, family member, best friend, coworker, etc, use one of the turning 30 poems below to wish them a very happy 30th birthday.

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Short & Touching Birthday Poems

Birthdays are a special day that people usually want to celebrate with lots of fun and laughter. Because of this, the best birthday greetings are often light and jovial.

You’ve lived your years
In love and cheer.
You’ve faced your fears
With so much dare.
The day you turn 30 is here.
And in your joy we love to share!

Happy Birthday!

Bring the balloons! Cook a dish!
Blow the candles and make a wish!
You deserve good things today.
Love, TLC, and flower bouquets.
May you live more years and flourish.
And may your sparkle never tarnish.

A Birthday Acrostic:

Congratulations on turning…
T hirty
H ealthy
I nvaluable
R adiant &
T riumphant
Y ears
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Your life is a blessing.
Nothing short of magical.
We cheers to your past and to what comes ahead.
Dear friend, we celebrate you on this special birthday.
Your impact in our lives is worth this and much more.

Happy 30th!

It’s a new milestone, so rejoice.
Both old and new friends, we lift our voice.
To celebrate you on this birth date.
And tell you that you are pretty great.

Let the good times roll! Until it takes a toll. 
A happy birthday party is our goal.

Joy is in the air.
And the atmosphere is blissful.
May this magical age be a turning point in your life.
And may wisdom & happiness adorn you like a crown.
We wish you a very happy thirtieth birthday.

As your ship sails on life’s vast ocean,
You have shown yourself a worthy captain.
Take this day to celebrate your wins.
And take this moment to receive our love.
Dance, fill your belly and have a great time.
You deserve the best that life has to give.
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Cheers to the big thirty!
It seems like just yesterday that you were a child.
And yet it feels like a lifetime,
That you’ve been making us smile.
Today is your day, 
And we are so proud
Of the [young woman / young man]
That you are becoming

It is a different sunrise,
Your birthday has made it so.
The smell of freshly baked cake
And scented flower petals.
The sound of jolly music
And the atmosphere of good cheer.
It is an elegantly different sunrise,
Because of you!

Like a butterfly in a garden of roses,
Your beautiful soul is magnetic.
Like a ship defying the terrific waves,
Your strength is admirable.
Like the dawn of Christmas,
Your day is upon us.
Like the celebration of a New Year,
We party hard for you!

Sparkling stars in the sky,
Refreshing breeze in the air,
Glittering waves in the ocean.
None of these fully describe
How radiantly elegant you are
On this day of days.
It is your birthday, 
And I wish you every good thing this great age has to offer.

Hey, it is your birthday today,
And words cannot begin to describe
How inspiring your life has been so far.
You are the most caring and loving person.
And I wish you all that you desire.
Love, light and happiness.
Happy Birthday!

You are thirty today,
And they call it a milestone age.
But with you, every day is a milestone.
You make every moment remarkable.
And for that, we are perpetually grateful.
So, keep doing what you do.
But today, be silly, and turn up!

All the stars have aligned for your big day.
And we are here to celebrate with you.
To show you we care.
To show you how much we love you.
And to let you know,
That you deserve all the goodness you can have.
And all the cake you can eat.

Happy 30th Birthday!

Inspirational & Sentimental 30th Birthday Poems

Perhaps you wish to express just how thankful you are for your loved one to have lived another year. You can do just that with short poems written inside their birthday card or gift.

It’s such a wonderful time to be thirty.
Such a life you have lived, and such wonders still lie ahead.
It’s such a beautiful time to be thirty.
Such grace you have shown, and such beauty still lies ahead.
It’s such a delightful time to be thirty.
Such joys we have shared, and such delights still lie ahead.
It’s such an excellent moment to wish you a happy birthday!

Never lose your wonder!
Your life is as beautiful as the stars
As shiny!
Never lose your wonder!
Your days are as majestic as the waves.
As attractive!
Today is a toast to that wonder.

Happy Birthday!

Today, we are filled with joy
Because we are glad you are here.
We are grateful for the times you have had.
And for the memories we have yet to make.
We are grateful for how proud you have made us
And for the future achievements that lie ahead.
We raise a toast to your big day!
Happy Birthday, darling! We love you!

The day we are born is a great day indeed,
We make it greater by the lives we lead.
You have made your birthday infinitely greater
By leading such an inspiring life.
So, you deserve all the best wishes today.
And you deserve many more years on this blessed earth.

Happy Birthday!

Steadily, but surely you are moving ahead.
You only get better as the days go by.
Gracefully, you achieve more and more success.
Each new age brings more joy your way.
Delightfully, you approach each daybreak with a smile.
Your growth is a beautiful thing to see.
Happiest of birthdays dear.

From playing in the rain 
To nights out and great gains.
You have come a long way.
So, bask and stride. It’s your day.
Dance, drink, and laugh away.
Cheers to thirty, we all say!
Have a Happy Birthday!

Funny Turning 30 Poems

If this special person is known to have a sense of humor or is a goofy jokester, write them funny birthday poems to make them laugh.

Though your 20s are gone for good.
You look better than you should.

Forever young at heart, you’ll be.
Even though you’re a decade times three.

Try to enjoy this 30th year.
Kick your feet up and drink a beer.

They say you turn thirty years old today
Well I have five hopes to solemnly pray
I pray for many more years to come
I pray that to despair, you never succumb
I pray that you know that you are loved
By your friends and the man above
I pray you continue to shoot for the stars
And I pray that you appreciate these amazing bars!

A Funny Birthday Acrostic:
(fill in the acrostic with a silly word that starts with each letter of the word THIRTY
for example: “Youthful…ish” for Y)

Congratulations on turning…

With every fleeting moment…
And every passing day…
Every year that passes…
You get older and older. Yikes.

Today, as we celebrate your graduation to middle age, remember to seize the day!

Smile widely (while you still have the teeth).
Eat birthday cake (while you can still taste it), and
Drink some wine (while you can still digest it).


And there you go! Free happy birthday poems that are just a tad more interesting than the classic birthday poem or song.

Enjoy the birthday festivities!

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