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GET THE LOOK: Wall Basket Living Room

I adore wall baskets as decor. As you all may be learning, I am a big fan of the bohemian style of interior decorating. It’s no surprise that I have a thing for rattan and organic materials.

I currently have wall baskets from Target up in my living room and I really really like them! They just might be my favorite wall decor in the house.

When I was shopping around for them (which was surprisingly tough!), I told my sister I was looking for wall baskets. Ha! The way she said “wall baskets??” like it was the most oxyMORONIC thing she had ever heard. I showed her a picture and her immediate reaction was “ohhhh, those are cute”. I’m finding that it’s not very commonly used wall decor- which is a shame! Look how amazing they look!

midcentury living room with wall baskets decor courtesy of retrodentulsa.com
Image Credit: retrodentulsa.com (Click pic to visit original post)

The wall basket arrangement is the first thing that attracts me to this living room. It lends the room a very down to earth, laidback, yet stylish look. The best part is the shape of this arrangement- each individual basket has been placed to create a bigger unit with directional movement.

I decided to recreate this room because I wanted to spread some wall basket appreciation (maybe start a support group like we did with pom poms and tassels? lol)! In addition, I wanted to share some options for you guys to shop this trend.

It was tough to find wall baskets from large retailers (the ones I bought at Target may be out of stock everywhere).

Luckily, I have since noticed that Etsy sells a whole lot of them! And the best thing is that they are generally vintage collected by the seller, making them sustainable options.

Check out the room I put together!

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wall basket

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  1. Wall Basket Set of 5 
  2. Faux Hanging Philo Plant 
  3. Rug w/ Tassels 
  4. Black Wicker Chair
  5. Wicker Planter
  6. Carved Wood Coffee Table
  7. Wood Armchair
  8. Throw Pillow
  9. Brass Floor Lamp
  10. Basket Planter
  11. Faux Leather Sofa (updated for 2021) 


*based on prices at the time this post was published*

Have you guys heard of wall baskets before this post? I can’t be the only one out here with baskets on my walls- comment below.

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