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How (& Why) to Create a Vision Board as a Couple

This post is all about using a couples vision board to transform your relationship.

vision board for couples

Your marriage needs a vision board.

Seriously. It will transform your relationship.

Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

Amos 3:3 (NLT)

The answer is no.

If you really want to do life together, then it’s important to be intentional about your marriage and not just let it “happen” to you.

Of course, life gets hectic and there is so much that is out of our control. But, that’s exactly why we should make the areas within our control count, by planning and setting goals.

You can do that by making a vision board for your relationship and life together.

Of course, you can make one anytime you are inspired to, but there are a few occasions when this project becomes more meaningful and profound:

  • The beginning of the year (New Years Day or in January)
  • End of the Year (New Years Eve)
  • Your Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • On Date Night
  • (you can even take it a step further and create a family vision board with your entire household)

I’ve already written the basics on how to create your personal vision board.

This post is everything you need to know about creating a relationship vision board.

How a Vision Board Can Benefit Your Relationship 

Relationships require constant maintenance. I hope we have all come to realize that.
Well, making a relationship vision board is a maintenance tool to make sure that despite life’s changes, you both grow together and not apart.

Here are 5 ways that a vision board for love can improve your relationship:

Provides an Avenue to Encourage and Support Each Other

When you dream together, you put yourselves on the same team.
And when you’re on the same team, you’re inclined to cheer each other on and help each other.

This is how a couple’s vision board works.

Steers Your Relationship in the Right Direction

As quoted above, two people cannot walk together without agreeing on the direction.

When both of you have input in your couple’s vision, you can pursue your goals in unity and work towards the same things.

Promotes Healthy Communication

Coming together to discuss your values and brainstorm your future together will trigger conversations that you wouldn’t normally have.

To keep your communication healthy and productive, make sure to spend lots of time listening and asking each other clarifying questions.

Sets Clear Expectations 

Having to agree on the relationship goals for your vision board will cause each of you to have to clarify your assumptions and expectations for your partner.

With clarification, you will deepen your understanding of your partner and possibly get to the root of some of the conflicts that you tend to have.

Also, by agreeing to the content of this board together, you both have something tangible to keep you accountable to your plans and refer to when disagreement arises.

Helps Deepen Your Relationship

This process can be a great act of bonding for couples.

The willingness to put aside special time to create a love vision board shows that your relationship is a priority for the both of you.

Also, by working on one board together, you’ll have to compromise, be transparent and show vulnerability – all characteristics that will make your commitment to each other stronger.

How to Make a Vision Board for Marriage or Dating 

Here are the four essential steps to complete this project, with lots of valuable vision board ideas for relationships.

When you’re done, make sure to browse the web for marriage vision board examples. They’re not extremely easy to find so I’ve linked examples towards the end of this post.

Step 1: Make a List of Your Couple’s Vision and Values

What’s your marriage vision?

What words represent your desired home life? How do you want the people closest to you (like your kids) to feel when they observe your relationship?

Each of you can make your own list and then come together to discuss them or you can begin with a discussion and make a joint list of relationship values from the start.

Some examples for shared values that you might hold are: passion, financial freedom, peacefulness, exploration, health, wellness, spirituality and God-centered.

If you are stumped, these 200 deep marriage questions can help you uncover more about yourselves.

Step 2: Identify the Aspirations You Share & Create a Vision Statement for Each One

Now, describe exactly what those values look like in your everyday lives.

Ask yourselves what you want your marriage to look like in 5 or 10 years.

Are there new routines you need to establish to make it happen?
Does your joint vision involve certain big purchases, investments?
Do you need to overhaul your family menu, to achieve your vision of wellness?
Does someone need to start looking for a different job so you can have the low-stress intimate life that you dream of?

Break the values from step 1 down into achievable goals.

pro tip : our lives are multifaceted so it might help you to divide your couples dream board into different categories.

Now, try to come up with a mission statement or objective for each area of your lives.

Step 3: Make Your Couples Vision Board Together

Creating a vision board with your partner is fun.

  1. Before you start, set the ambiance with mellow music, a fancy charcuterie board (or special snacks) and light a candle or two.

(I’m hoping you’ve already gathered all of the necessary vision board materials. If you haven’t, I have a vision board checklist that you can print out for free).

  1. Flip through magazines together or separately to cut out pictures, words and statements that match the aspirations you discussed above.

These printable quotes are a one stop shop for meaningful words and images that you can add to your board.

  1. Then, each person share what they’ve found and as a team, decide which cut outs best represent your joint vision.
  1. Start your board by pasting a relationship motto or a significant quote/bible verse or a happy photo of the both of you to the center, and then work outwards from there, placing cut-outs until you are both satisfied with the result.

And that’s how to make a couples vision board! Simple enough right?

Step 4: Set Your Vision Board Somewhere Visible for the Both of You

The next question is usually, “where should we keep our vision board?

The most intuitive location is your shared bedroom.
In your bedroom, there’s a high likelihood that you will both see it regularly and it’s a private location where non-family members are unlikely to see it.

Some other good locations are:

  • shared office space
  • joint bathroom
  • shared closet space
  • on the fridge (if you really don’t care who sees it)
  • go digital and keep a copy on both of your phones

No matter where you decide to put it, it needs to be a readily-accessible visual reminder of everything you are working towards.

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Need Some Inspiration? Cool Vision Board Ideas for Couples

Need help figuring out what to put on a vision board?

Here are a few relationship vision board examples to get you rolling:

  • One Flesh Vision Board
    This blogger created a marriage vision board for her 20th wedding anniversary, with an objective to break the pattern of broken marriages through her relationship. This board emphasizes “oneness” and reminds them to “love now” and “live fully”.
    I like how they incorporated a picture of a seedling to represent fruitfulness and the romantic pictures that show they value intimacy.
  • Uber Specific Goal-Focused Marriage Board
    This vision board is a fantastic example of being specific and intentional to attract exactly what you want into your relationship.
    It is particular to the point of specifying exactly how many date nights they want to have, how many dollars they want to save and exactly where they want to renew their vows. There is power in being precise!
  • Vision Board For Romance & Passion
    In this post, Evelyn has an example of a vision board that you would make if one of your relationship goals is to increase sensuality.
    The board features pictures of couples extremely close to each other, having fun together, as well as several steamy quotes.

What Are Some Good Goals for Couples?

  1. Have a weekly (or monthly) date night
  2. Pay off all debt (or a certain amount by a certain time)
  3. Begin a new hobby together
  4. Start marriage counseling
  5. Have bible studies together
  6. Travel
  7. Make new couple friends
  8. Be physically intimate more often
  9. Less texting when around each other
  10. Spend more time around family
  11. Disagree with respect and dispute with purpose
  12. Laugh more together
  13. Lose weight
  14. Eat healthier

Now that you’re done, make sure your vision board for couples works for you by setting deadlines, tracking your progress and checking in with each other regularly (weekly, monthly or quarterly).

Happy Vision Boarding!

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