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The Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List: 81 Things To Do Together

Make the most of each second with your BFF with these 81 epic ideas for your best friend bucket list.

best friend bucket list

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Friends are the family that you get to choose.

And best friends are the most loyal and close of that chosen family.

They know you inside and out and continue to stick by your side, come rain or sunshine.

Cherish every moment with your BFF by making a best friend bucket list today.

Why? Because life is short!

And you should always remember to enjoy your best friends company and make memories with them whenever you can.

Here is a list of best friend bucket list experiences to help you to do just that!

- Bucket List Items to Do with Your Best Friend at Home
- Outdoor Adventures
- Crazy Bucket List Items
- Summer Bucket List Ideas
- Fun & Unforgettable Ideas
- Travel-Based Bucket List Items
- Simple Things to Do with Your BFF
- Ideas for Teens

What to Do with Your Best Friend at Home

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1. Have A Movie Marathon

A classic bucket list item. Make a list of must-see films or a list of movies that you’ve been meaning to watch or even a list of movies that you’ve both already seen and would like to watch again. Then, rent them all and have a good old fashioned movie marathon at home. 

2. Make A Quilt Together

A group quilt is a way for you two to collaborate and create something that represents your relationship. Make each quilt square a depiction of a special moment in your lives or perhaps, make a square for every bucket list item you complete!

3. Do A Treasure Hunt

For a fun rainy day activity, download this printable indoor treasure hunt kit. All you have to do is print the riddles and hide the clues in the designated places around the house. Make sure to have a prize worth looking for at the end of the hunt.

4. Host A Poker Night

Hosting a poker game at home is a fun way to socialize. Create the perfect ambiance with snacks, music and drinks. Have everyone place their bets and you may even win some side money. Not much of a poker player? You can get the same effect with any other card game.

5. Have A Spa night

This is a must for your best friend to do list. Splurge and treat yourselves to a decadent spa experience complete with facials, manicures and pedicures. This would be an awesome bucket list item to check off as each other’s bridesmaids or groomsmen, if one of you was to get married.

6. Play Video Games

Playing video games together can reinforce a sense of friendship and connectedness. It’s also fun! If you’re both stuck at home in need of something to do, video games can keep you both plenty busy. Actually, here’s a whole list of exciting activities.

7. Host A Cooking Show

With the rise of video streaming, you can be the hosts of your own show with hardly any monetary investment at all. Let your personalities shine on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook Live as you experiment with cooking a variety of dishes.

8. Have A Barbeque

Get out into the backyard (or porch) and grill up some good food together. Collaborate with your best friend by halving responsibilities. One of you can barbeque the main dishes while the other does the side dishes. Or, one can cook and the other can clean!

Outdoor Adventures 

9. Volunteer Together

Make a meaningful contribution as a team and sign up for a big volunteering project. To start, check out your local Habitat for Humanity, Animal Rescue Shelters, Red Cross and Food Pantries. You also have the option of creating your own special project for a cause that is near and dear to both of your hearts.

10. Have A Picnic

Modern picnic parties are coming back into style so this is the perfect to execute this fun bucket list item. Choose a scenic backyard or grassy hill and pack one of these stylish new picnic tables, a blanket and a basket full of food.

11. Go Hiking 

Hiking is a very popular way to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors while getting your heart pumping and your feet moving. With AllTrails, you can find a local trail for a casual stroll or an ambitious trail to conquer together. 

12. Start A Vegetable Garden

Getting your hands into the dirt is a productive way to bond. Creating a sustainable source of fresh produce for yourselves (and possibly the community if you choose to go that route) is a great way to spend time together.

13. Catch The Sunset/Sunrise

There is something about the horizon to make you appreciate what you have. It can be inspiring. This is a bucket list experience that you can appreciate over and over again, as long as the sun continues to rise and set.

14. Hold A Garage Sale

Ever set out on a money making venture with your bestie? Well, you can do so while upcycling your gently used items. Gather your stuff, price them at a discount, then put up some signs and watch the buyers come rolling in!

15. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a classic addition to any bucket list. And if you’ve already had the experience by yourself, you can still aspire to do it as a group. Or, make your goal to go riding on the beach, a ranch or a national park.

16. Visit An Amusement Park

Going to theme parks can be fun for any age. The rides, silly games and unique food choices are all something that you both can enjoy on a friend date. This is a perfect bucket list addition for adrenaline-chasing BFFs!

17. Plant A Tree Together

Want to memorialize your friendship and actually “watch it grow”? You can do that by planting a seedling and nurturing it to maturity, much like your relationship. Plant a flower tree and watch it bloom or plant a fruit tree and watch it blossom.

Crazy Bucket List Items 

18. Give Each Other A Makeover

Makeover your bestie’s makeup look or give them a fashion makeover. You can even go smaller with a nail makeover or go big with a whole body transformation. For something really crazy, give each other blindfolded makeovers and see how that turns out!

19. Prank Each Other

A prank war is a fun way to find excitement when life is dry and boring. Make each other laugh with some good natured hijinks and try to top each other (without taking it too far of course). Check on the web for impressive prank ideas.

20. Have A Paint Fight

Talk about fun! Grab some washable water-soluble paint and put down some tarps. Then, soak sponges in paint or fill some balloons or squirt bottles with paint and have a good old fashioned paint war! Make sure to take before and after pictures.

21. Crash A Wedding

Okay okay, so I know this one might be controversial and you have to be really careful. But! There are some cultures where wedding crashers aren’t as big of a deal. At my wedding, I served food buffet style and a “the more, the merrier” attitude.

22. Go To Vegas

There’s a reason why they say ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. And that’s because things can get crazy! Lots of parties, shows, shopping and eating to be done; a weekend trip to Las Vegas is sure to be one for the books.

23. Run A Marathon

One of the most ambitious things to do with your best friend is to run a marathon together. The training process alone will test your discipline and resolve. And if a marathon is too ambitious, you can run a shorter race like a 5K or half-marathon.

24. Break A Guinness World Record

Wouldn’t it be awesome to go down in history together? Browse Guinness’ online collection of records and find one that you two can attempt. Then, apply to set or break the record and get yourselves into the hall of fame.

25. Do Prank Calls

Call your friends and family members with funny scenarios about fake concert tickets, scorned lovers or with weird questions. These days, you can even use prank call websites to disguise your number. This is a fun activity to do when you’re spending the night.

Summer Bucket List Ideas 

26. Plan A Trip To The Beach

Have y’all ever been to the beach together? Well, put a day trip to the oceanside on your bucket list. Even better, rent a beachside vacation spot and make it a weekend trip full of fun activities, memories and photos.

27. Hold A Water Balloon Fight

Here’s a fun way to cool off during a hot summer. Buy some water balloons, fill them up with water and create a fort for each team. Then, let those water balloons fly! Make it even more fun by adding super water soakers!

28. Buy Matching Sunglasses

Show off your BFF status in style. Get something trendy to represent what’s hot this summer. Or, get something classic that will never go out of fashion. Or maybe, get some personalized sunglasses with your bestie’s name on the frame.

29. Create A Summer Cocktail Of Your Own

Get together and start mixing up the drinks for a light and bright cocktail that you both enjoy. Then, come up with a fun name for your signature cocktail and serve it up at one of your bucket list parties!

30. Go Kayaking

If you share a sense of adventure, put this versatile watersport on your bestie bucket list. Not only is kayaking a fun activity, it’s something that you can do during other vacations or trips together. Plus, you can get some amazing pics of you both in a kayak!

31. Make Homemade Popsicles

Blend and freeze your own custom popsicles to stay cool all summer. You can make them for yourselves and enjoy them poolside. Or, you can share them during a summertime barbecue. You can even combine this with number 29 to make your own signature boozy popsicles.

32. Get Matching Tattoos

What better way to say that you’ll be “best friends forever” than with matching tattoos that you can keep forever? Spend some very meaningful time gathering inspiration and designing your perfect body art together. Then, make the memory of a lifetime by getting inked together.
And, if the idea of a permanent tattoo is too scary, don’t worry. Y’all can always design your own custom temporary tattoos!  

33. Host A Bonfire Party

Show everyone how fun your friendship is by hosting a party together. Find (or rent) yourselves a fire pit for the ultimate outdoor soiree. Finally, invite all of your friends and enjoy good music, food, exciting games and lots of laughs.

34. Build A Sandcastle

Building sand castles along the seaside is a summer rite of passage, is it not? Working together to build an impressive sand sculpture is a great way to show everyone that you and your best friend work exceptionally well together.

35. Go Snorkelling

Go a little above and beyond swimming and your other typical water activities by planning a snorkeling trip together. You can either grab some snorkels and head to your nearest beach. Or, you both can plan a whole trip around it and book a snorkeling cruise using Viator.

36. Collect Seashells

She sells seashells by the seashore.

More like, best friends collect seashells on the seashore. Pick up as many shells as you can and then remember this summer forever by turning your favorite ones into seashell earrings, necklaces or seashell art.

37. Go Whale Watching

For best friends that love wildlife, whale watching should definitely be put on their lifetime best friend bucket list. Why? Responsible whale watching is educational and helps you to appreciate these beautiful animals in their natural habitats. These tours also raise much-needed awareness and funds. 

38. Make Ice Cream Floats

In the summer, cold drinks are a must. Well, take the experience up a notch by adding your favorite ice cream to create delicious ice cream floats. It’s a yummy and refreshing way to cool down from the summer heat.

39. Make A Memory Jar Of All Your Summer Fun

A memory jar can be like a little time capsule of your friendship. Never heard of one before? Well, memory jars are keepsake containers in which you can deposit handwritten memories, for you (and your BFF) to revisit and read anytime.

Fun & Unforgettable Ideas 

40. Get Matching Outfits

It’s uncommon these days to see two best friends matching but this used to be the ultimate way to show that two people were BFFs. Throw it back to this sweet tradition at least one time by going to the mall and buying identical fits.

41. Play Mario Kart

This is the perfect activity for competition loving friends. With Mario Kart, you can challenge your best friend to a race anytime and anywhere, even on a road trip. Have lots of fun picking different characters and jumping to different courses.

42. Go Mini Golfing

The good thing about miniature golf (also known as “putt putt”) is that it can be found almost anywhere and it is a two person activity. Grab your friend, don your matching outfits and get ready to laugh through all 18 holes. 

43. Plan A Big Party Together

Friends that can throw a party together are definitely friendship goals. Put it on your bucket list to throw a big party for your next milestone birthdays. To make the joint event work, make sure to plan something unique that represents your friendship and each of your personalities.

44. Plan A Surprise Party For Each Other

Having a surprise party thrown for you is a once in a lifetime experience. Nothing says you love your friend more than investing time and effort into planning them a secret party with all of their loved ones in attendance.

45. Have A Photo Shoot Together

I think this is one of the most fun bucket list ideas for friends. Find a professional to take your photos in-studio or on location. Then, coordinate your outfits and your poses. Keep the pictures forever as a sentimental token of your friendship.

46. Have A Scavenger Hunt

You are partners in crime and now you can be partners on the hunt. Take turns coming up with clues and playing the game. Need some help? Instantly download this printable outdoor scavenger hunt to start having fun right away.

47. Pitch A Tent In The Backyard And Watch The Stars

Search the night sky for the secrets to life. Set up a tent or put down a thick blanket and download an astronomy app to guide your backyard stargazing event. Take it up a notch and get yourselves a telescope.

48. Explore A New City 

Travelling is one of the funnest things best friends do together. It’s all about exploring and discovering a new place together; the memories that come from that are truly unforgettable. Just remember that you don’t need to be rich to travel. Just driving over to the next city can be exciting.

49. Visit An Art Museum

Resolve to celebrate creativity together by visiting one of the 14 Best Art Museums in the World. Check out some of the most famous masterpieces that have ever been created. The beautiful exhibits will take both of your breaths away.

50. Be In Each Others Weddings

Who better to be your bridesmaid or groomsman than your best friends? Not only would it be unforgettable to have them by your side on that special day, you can make so many memories during the pre-wedding festivities. Read this if you need some valuable tips on how to plan an epic bachelorette party.

51. Go On A Double Date

Whether you are both already in relationships or one or both of you are single, double dates can be amazing fun. Best of all, they usually lead to memories that you will giggle about forever. So, link up and get out there!

Travel-Based Bucket List Items 

52. See The Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) is a great addition to any bucket list because it’s far from an everyday occurrence. This phenomenon takes some planning to see. Luckily, there are over 20 places in the world to see one of nature’s best light shows, so get to planning! 

53. Take A Road Trip Around Iceland

Iceland is considered one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. In fact, many people describe it as “other-wordly”. Volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers are just a few landscapes that can be found there. Putting it on your international travel lists is a no-brainer!

54. Backpacking In Asia

Due to its low cost of living, cultural diversity and unique ecosystems, Southeast Asia is considered one of the best places to backpack in the world! You can slow travel through a bunch of countries without blowing your entire bank account.

55. See The Big Five In A Safari

In the world of African safaris, the “Big 5” are the African elephant, Cape buffalo, African lion, leopard and rhinoceros. Make a goal to see all five on a safari trip! In fact, they actually have safari tours dedicated to seeing these iconic animals.

56. Go To Disneyland

If you’re wondering where you can take your best friend for some magic and wonder, Disneyland is your spot. Some call it the happiest place in the world. Don’t forget to get a picture of you two in those cute mouse ears.

57. Stay In An Igloo

Beach vacations aren’t the only seasonal experience that should be on your bucket list. Every winter, entire igloo hotels are created with snow and ice for a unique hotel accommodation experience. If you pick the right destination, you can check this list item off at the same time as #52.

58. See The Pyramids

Prefer the heat? Well, the Egyptian Pyramids are calling you! Egypt is a great international destination for two friends that are history buffs. Known as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids are perfect for culture lovers. 

59. Walk On The Great Wall Of China

See this great architectural wonder for yourselves. Learn its cultural history first hand during a tour and then look out over the picturesque landscape at sunset. This would be a great trip for both of your families to enjoy together.

60. Take A Ski Trip In Austria

In Austria, fresh and fluffy snow is nearly guaranteed. If you all wish to go skiing, why not do it in a country with a long tradition of winter sports. There, you can enjoy a wide variety of slopes and scenery.

61. Attend Coachella Or Tomorrowland

For two music-loving friends, a destination festival is a fun trip to take. If you prefer a domestic trip, snag tickets to Coachella in California. But if you can travel internationally, check out Tomorrowland – an iconic dance music festival in Belgium.

Simple Things to Do with Your BFF

62. Ride A Ferris Wheel

A classic amusement park ride for a classic friendship. Even though it’s not a rollercoaster, ferris wheels can be thrilling too. Get into a passenger car together and enjoy the view of the city when you get to the top. 

63. Try New Recipes From Youtube

Cooking is an amazing way for two people to bond. But don’t just stick to your normal everyday recipes, learn some new dishes together. Youtube is chock full of detailed recipe videos, from different cultures and across various levels of difficulty.

64. Take A Roadtrip

A road trip is a perfect way to spend quality time together. Not only will you get to discover wonderful things together, you will get to talk and ask all kinds of deep questions to get to know each other even better.

65. Get Mani Pedis

Looking for something fun to do with your BFF on a weekend or for a birthday? One of my favorite simple bucket list ideas for friends is to get manicures and pedicures together. Show everyone that you’re best friends by getting matching nail colors!

66. Start A Bookclub

Are you book-loving besties? You guys can host a book club together. Pick a book in your favorite genre and then invite some of your other friends to join in for weekly discussions. If you can’t meet up in person, you can even do it virtually!

67. Start A New Hobby Together

Find a hobby that is totally and completely new to the both of you. That way, you are both forced to learn and grow starting from scratch. This experience will strengthen your bond and inject a new sense of wonder into your relationship.

68. Go To A Concert Together

Celebrate your love of music by jamming out at a live musical performance together. Even better, find a weekend music festival to go to. Between the dancing, the lights, adrenaline and vibey atmosphere, concerts are an abundance of new experiences!

69. Start Working Out Together

Make some fitness goals and find yourselves a fun new workout activity to get into. Working out with a friend can be very motivating. Having someone to keep you accountable and push you can help you reach those goals much faster.

70. Learn A New Language Together

Become more cultured by learning a new language together. There are plenty of apps and online programs to get this done. And if it’s too hard, you can always make up your own special language that only the two of you know.

71. Roast Marshmallows

Making S’mores is a classic must-do activity in general. You can do it as part of a camping trip together or you can get one of these cool indoor marshmallow pits and make it special with these gourmet S’mores kits.

Ideas for Teens

72. Have Your Own Unique Handshake

A special handshake is great for a relationship because it signifies both to yourselves and those around you just how close your friendship is. Simply coming up with a unique way to greet each other or celebrate an achievement can be so much fun.

73. Make Friendship Bracelets

Honor your companionship by making matching bracelets- each friend for the other. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube to show you all how. And if you’re not the DIY types, you can pick out friendship bracelets on Etsy instead. 

74. Makeover Each Others Bedrooms

Show that you know each other’s decor styles by making over each other’s bedrooms (or maybe even each other’s dorm rooms). You can even make it a competition or videotape the entire process! At the end of the day, everyone wins!

75. Scrapbook Your Favorite Memories

Create a friendship book with your bestie. You can fill the pages of this Best Friend Forever scrapbook with memorable photos and stories. Make sure to grab some stickers, decorations and other embellishments. Make it extra special by incorporating a theme.

76. Handwrite Letters To Each Other

Handwritten letters are a great idea for long distance friends. A marvelous way to go about this is to write them ‘Open When’ letters. In fact, I’ve written down everything you need to know about writing Open When Letters for Best Friends.

77. Put Together a 1000 Piece Puzzle

A great way to spend quality time is to take on a huge challenge like this 1000 Piece Friends-themed puzzle. You can put it together during a sleepover, with some snacks or even a little bit at a time. And at the end, you can frame it and keep it forever. 

78. Plan A Craft Night

DIY Day! Get together and spend some hands-on time together with a craft night. You can put together a new flower picture frame or upcycle something you already have like these 16 crafts you can make with old candle jars.   

79. Create A Vision Board

This is a great bucket list item for the beginning of the year. Share each other’s dreams and aspirations and depict them creatively by making vision boards. Planning your futures together will deepen your relationship and help you keep each other accountable to your goals.  

80. Learn A Tik Tok Dance

Jump on the Tik Tok dance craze. Grab your friends and learn the steps to one of the viral dances floating around the popular app. Upload your dance video for everyone to see or simply have fun learning the moves.

81. Start A Youtube Channel Together

And the very last, but one of the best bucket list ideas for teenage best friends is to start a Youtube channel together doing something you are both passionate about. At the least, it’ll be fun and if you both work hard, you can even monetize it!

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