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How to Build an Awesome Care Package for Seniors

Wanting to show some love to a senior citizen in your life? This post is to give you all kinds of thoughtful care package ideas for the elderly.

care package ideas for the elderly

Do you have an elderly parent, friend, or family member?

If so, I bet you know the value of putting a smile on their face, and it isn’t hard to do. Just show you care!

To help make it easy, I’ve gathered some great gift ideas for the elderly so you can make the perfect care package for them.

How to Build a Care Package for Your Elderly Parents or Loved Ones

When you’re building a care package for an older person, you want to provide them with items they can actually use. 

In this case especially, that means thinking about where they’re living and what kind of condition they’re in beforehand. 

Let’s look at a few common scenarios and how they impact the supplies you’ll need to build your care package. 

Ideas for Elderly in a Nursing Home

If you have an elderly mom or dad living in an assisted care facility, think about the items they use on a daily basis. 

For example, they may not be able to bathe on their own. I imagine that must be frustrating, but they may find comfort in a favorite scented bath wash they’ve used for years. 

They may also struggle to dress themselves, so something easy to put on and take off like a cozy bathrobe and slippers would be great.

Also, think about their room situation. Many nursing homes don’t have private rooms. If they’re sharing a room with someone else, it might be nice to focus on personalized items and photos to make their space feel more like home. 

Ideas for Elderly in Quarantine for Covid

Because of Covid, it’s common for the elderly to be quarantined for their safety. 

It’s a difficult situation for everyone involved, but a care package from you can make all the difference. 

Gifts for isolated seniors should consist of comfort items and things to keep them occupied, including crossword puzzles and movies to watch on a DVD player. 

Dealing with Covid is difficult enough, but it’s even harder when you can’t see your loved ones because of it. 

A Covid care package shows you care even if you can’t be there, and that alone can work wonders in lifting their spirits. 

Ideas for Your Elderly at Home

If your elderly loved one lives at home (whether with you or by themselves), it’s likely they’re more independent and don’t need as much help as someone who lives in a nursing home.

You’ll want to plan your package accordingly. For instance, if they’re in the kitchen a lot, you might want to get one of those padded mats to stand on as they do their dishes. 

If they like to read or watch TV, you could pick up some new books or DVDs they haven’t read or viewed yet. 

If they like coloring books, try picking one out for them. If they enjoy puzzles, grab a pack of Sudoku puzzles or Word Searches next time you’re at the store.

The key is to think about their interests when building their senior home care package.  

Ideas for Sick Elderly in the Hospital

When your elderly loved one is sick in the hospital, you may not be able to visit much, but you can still let them know you are thinking about them. 

A great hospital care package consists of different snacks, including chocolate-covered pretzels, trail mix, protein bars, and anything else you know they like to eat. 

Along with snacks, you also want to include items that will make them feel like they’re at home, even though they’re stuck in the hospital. Maybe instead of new items, you fill a box with a few of their favorite things from home. 

Think about those daily used items they’ll miss the most like their own pillow, their favorite blanket, their robe, that sort of thing. 

35 Creative Care Package Ideas for Your Senior Care Box

If you want to create the perfect elderly goodie bag, but you’re not sure what to include, I’ve gathered a few suggestions to get you started. 

These senior citizen care package ideas are suitable for seniors of all ages, whether they live at home, in a nursing home, or even in an assisted living facility. 

Self Care

Consider including a few self-care items. They’re simple, easy to find, and affordable, yet they’re a great way for seniors to feel pampered, which they so deserve! 

  1. Body Lotion
  2. Foot Scrub
  3. Mini Handheld Back Massager
  4. Foot Mask
  5. Hand Mask
  6. Face Mask
  7. Foot Bath

Food and Snacks

You can’t go wrong with snacks as long as you know what your loved one likes. So first, make a list of the snacks you’ve seen them eating in the past. Then, if you’re not sure, you can add some of the following popular options-

8. Applesauce

9. Pudding

10. Gelatin Cups

11. Licorice 

12. Peppermints

13. Gummy Orange Slices

14. Canned/Packages of Soup

15. Fresh Baked Cookies

(You can find gluten-free care package options here)

Photo and Memory Gifts

These types of gifts will add a personal touch to your care packages and put them over the top. Why? Because they’re not cookie-cutter. 

It’s an inevitable part of life, but most senior citizens have lost loved ones. Photos and other memorial keepsakes remind them of happy memories and celebrate loved ones that have passed away. 

If they’ve lost someone recently, consider a sympathy care package like these.

16. Photo Blanket

17. Digital Photo Frame

18. Digital Photo Keychain

19. Framed Photo

20. Photo Pillow

21. Memorial Engraved Candle 

Clothing and Blankets

Clothes and blankets are the perfect comfort items to include in a care package. If you’re sending clothing, make sure what you send has already been washed, so they don’t have to worry about doing that. 

Also keep in mind how and where they sleep at night and what would be most useful. 

22. Hooded Blanket Sweatshirt

23. Insulated Socks with Grips

24. Cozy Sherpa Blanket

(For displaced seniors, these care package ideas for homeless people are better).

Sentimental Items

Sentimental items can turn a bad day into a good one. 

If your loved one is particularly nostalgic, consider writing them Open When Letters or including some of the following items. 

25. Custom Photo Moon Lamp

26. Custom Star Map

27. Custom Pet Pillow

28. Homemade Painting

Personalized Gifts

Don’t forget to make your care package unique. Including a personalized item just for them is an easy way to do that.  Some ideas are-

29. Engraved Bracelet

30. Personalized Coffee Mug

31. Engraved Necklace


For many elderly family members, mobility is an issue. They just can’t get around like they used to, so boredom is a common emotion. Include some things they can use to keep themselves occupied and entertained. 

32. Crossword Puzzles

33. Adult Coloring Books

34. Tablet with Games Downloaded

35. Paint by Number Sets

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If you know an elderly friend in need of some cheering up, try a DIY care package or even a sunshine box. They’re surprisingly easy to make and completely customizable.

While they only take a few minutes of your time to assemble, the thoughtfulness they convey can impact your beloved seniors for years to come. 

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