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Best IVF Care Packages and Gifts to Show You Care

Are you going through fertility treatment or know someone starting IUI or IVF?
This post is to give you ideas, so that you can make the most thoughtful IVF Care Package possible.

ivf care package ideas

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If you are visiting this page to create an IVF care package for someone that you know, I first want to thank you.

The IVF journey is a hard one and it will stress the hopeful parents emotionally, physically and financially.

The process starts with multiple consultations, labs and ultrasounds. Then, to prepare for retrieval, hormone shots are given daily in order to stimulate and grow the ovaries/eggs. All of these hormones and medications have the potential to cause side effects, extreme bloating and lots of sore spots (from the injections). If viable embryos are collected, the process continues with implantation of the embryos followed by an agonizing two-week-wait to see if you were successful in getting pregnant.
And we haven’t even touched on the thousands of dollars that are involved in making this all happen.

It may not feel like there is much you can do to help out, but trust me, having a support system and people that care enough to send you a gift or care package means more than you can ever know.

For you (and for the IVF mama that chooses to treat herself), I’ve compiled this list of over 25 thoughtful IVF gift ideas (& tips) to help you put together the most impactful IVF care package possible. 

What to Say to Someone Going Through IVF (& How to Show Support)

I get it, it’s hard to know what to say.
But don’t let that keep you from saying something.

One foolproof way to extend IVF encouragement is to say I’M HERE FOR YOU.
This simple statement shows support, solidarity and eagerness to help.

What is an IVF Care Package?

An IVF Care Package is simply a box or basket of things that you put together for someone that is about to go through, currently going through or has recently gone through IVF (or even IUI).

Below, you will find ideas on what to send someone going through IVF.
The ideas are divided into different sections (couples, her, him, self) to help you further personalize the IVF box.

25+ IVF Gift & Care Package Ideas


IVF is often a family affair and can be draining for all parties involved. So, when you're putting together a care package, consider making one that targets the entire couple.

Since readymade IVF gifts for couples are hard to come by, you can easily make your own with some of the thoughtful ideas below.


Have you noticed that many IVF gifts for her are decorated with pineapples?

The pineapple has become a widespread symbol for IVF (& fertility in general) for multiple reasons. Some believe that eating pineapple the day of embryo transfer improves the chances of successful implantation. In addition, pineapples are tough on the outside yet sweet on the inside, which is absolutely true for IVF mamas.


Looking for IVF gifts for him?
I get how that can be a toughie. Here are some awesome gift ideas to help him de-stress and show his support in the midst of IVF.


Sometimes you may not have anyone to buy you a gift, but hey, you can definitely buy yourself something.
If you're looking for IVF self care gifts for yourself, here are some great ideas.

How to Show a Friend Encouragement (That’s Going Through IVF)

In addition to making a care package for a friend doing IVF, you can show encouragement in many other ways.

1. Check on Them Regularly

Let them know they are on your mind by shooting them a quick text or ringing them up to ask them how they are doing.

2. Offer to Help 

They say actions speak louder than words.
Likewise, offering to walk their dog or do some housework so that your friend can get some rest, goes a long way.

3. Bring a Meal 

Taking the time to prepare a meal is an incredible (and practical) way to show someone that you have their back.

4. Write Encouragement Letters 

A letter is gives your friend/family member something to save for when they are on the other side of IVF – with their baby.
(For a unique gift or care package, write Open When Letters, with a different letter for each step of the IVF journey).

5. Be Available to Chat

If they send you a message or give you a call, try to be there to answer.
Even if you are in the middle of something, you can let them know that you are available by saying something like “I am in the middle of xyz, I can give you my undivided attention in 1 hour, is that okay?

6. Lend a Listening Ear

The art of listening often does not require you to say a single word. It just requires you to stay engaged and show them, both verbally and nonverbally, that they have your undivided attention.

7. Be There Without Judgment 

I hope this is not harsh, but it is not your place to make your friends decisions for them. Or even to tell them how they should feel. The best gift that you can give them is to offer your support and listening ear.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I say to someone going through IVF?

Are IVF care packages always a good idea?

Yes – as long as the IVF parents have personally shared their plan to do IVF with you.

I do not think IVF care packages are a good idea if you just overheard or discovered that someone is going through IVF. Every family is entitled to their privacy.
Also, there may be situations where the IVF parents specifically ask that their loved ones refrain from doing or saying anything that has to do with IVF or infertility (in order to minimize stress or anxiety, for example).
At the end of the day, you can always ask before sending one and then respect their wishes.

What are some gift ideas for IVF success?

IVF success means baby!
Appropriate gift ideas for IVF success are the same congratulatory gifts that would be appropriate for any new pregnancy.

Is it appropriate to send a care package for IVF failure?

I would recommend avoiding anything that mentions the word “failure“.
Instead, send an encouraging care package or gift that is focused on “hope” and “future success“.


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