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9 Insanely Good Care Packages for Wisdom Teeth Removal

This post is all about making the perfect care package for wisdom teeth removal.

friend with toothache - care package for wisdom teeth removal

If you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, you know how painful it is.

When I had mine removed, I couldn’t eat solid food for a while. I remember craving cold drinks and homemade soup to soothe my mouth and reduce the pain. 

If you’ve been there and done that, you know exactly what I mean!

When you have a loved one who needs to get their wisdom teeth removed, making a care package is a great way to show them you care. 

You can make a truly helpful wisdom tooth care package for your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. 

For the most part, care packages for oral surgery should consist of convenient items that will come in handy during the recovery period. 

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, you may not be familiar with what post-op care looks like, so let’s talk about that before digging into the gift ideas. 

Wisdom Teeth Survival Kit 101

When you get your wisdom teeth extracted, the pain, swelling, and discomfort can last for several days. 

It makes it hard to do much of anything other than resting and binge-watching Netflix all day. 

Because of the pain (and the loopy meds), your friend will probably find themselves bored and stuck at home with nothing to do.

So as you build this care package, think about how someone would entertain themselves and choose gifts based on that.

Think of it as a “Wisdom Teeth Get Well Basket” that can help ease their pain and cure their boredom at the same time.

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What to Put in a Wisdom Tooth Care Package

You want to make sure to gift something they can actually tolerate. In this instance, their mouth is in  a lot of pain, so you’d want to avoid crunchy or chewy foods like chips and candy. 

Here are a few wisdom teeth gift ideas that they’ll really appreciate—and actually use.

1. Ice Cream Gift Card

If there’s one good thing about getting your wisdom teeth removed, it’s the excuse to eat as much ice cream as you want.

The only problem with including ice cream in a care package is the whole melting thing. That’s where a gift card for ice cream comes in handy. Plus, it lets them choose their own flavors when they’re in the mood for it. 

Ice cream is an excellent gift because it’s cold and soothing, leaving their mouth and gums feeling a whole lot better.

2. Cold/Hot Gel Pack for Face or Jaw

Some people experience swelling along with the pain after getting their wisdom teeth removed. 

Including a cold and/or hot gel pack specifically designed for the face in your gift basket is a great way to provide some relief for your friend. 

They even make gel packs that conform to the shape of your jaw line, so if you can get your hands on one of those—even better! 

3. A Funny Gag Gift

When your friend is miserable, they’re probably not in the greatest mood. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so consider including a funny gag gift.

You can get this funny mug that says “here’s a replacement wisdom tooth so you won’t feel dumb“, a t-shirt with your face all over it, a burrito blanket, or even an emoji-shaped chia pet. 

Surprisingly enough, they actually make gag gifts specifically for wisdom teeth removal. I’ve seen some pretty funny gift mugs as well as t-shirts with wisdom teeth on them. 

You know your friend (or girlfriend or boyfriend) best, so pick out something silly and unique to them. Bonus points if it relates to an inside joke that’ll make them smile. 

A sunshine box would be great, too. They are just as they sound—little boxes of “sunshine” filled with happy things that brighten the mood. 

Here are some sunshine box ideas if you need a little inspiration.

4. Soft Foods

It’s always good to have plenty of soft foods when you’ve had your wisdom teeth extracted. 

You can prepare your own or buy them and include them in the basket. Some easy (but still delicious) soft foods include Jello, pudding, smoothies, applesauce, and yogurt. 

Again, this is something you should customize to their liking. 

I have a friend who’s obsessed with those Go-Gurt sticks. You know the “sippable” yogurt snack that kids usually get in their lunch boxes? That’d be perfect if they like those.

Just think about what they like, and get creative with how you can make it soft or sippable for them.

(If they have food intolerances, I’ve come up with these gluten-free care package ideas). 

5. Drinks

It’s important for those who’ve undergone any oral procedure to stay hydrated. For that reason, you might want to include bottles of Gatorade or Powerade in your care package.

You can also get juice bottles, but make sure it’s not something super acidic like orange juice.

6. Straws

In the first few days after wisdom teeth removal, sipping through a straw is a must. 

What better gift to include in your get well basket than silly straws or reusable straws? The benefit of the reusable variety is that they don’t run out. 

I really like bamboo straws, but they make stainless steel ones as well. 

7. Homemade Soup

Go the extra mile and prepare comforting foods from scratch. Instead of buying canned soup that’s chock-full of sodium, make it from scratch with broth, noodles, and veggies. 

If you don’t know how to make homemade soup, don’t stress about it. There are plenty of recipes online that allow you to just dump ingredients in a Crock-Pot and let it cook. 

But if you’re short on time, store-bought soup will do just fine. Just try to avoid varieties that have large chunks of meat in them. 

8. A Little Travel Pillow

Find a little travel pillow to include in your care package. It’ll provide neck comfort and support as your loved one relaxes on the couch or chair in the living room. 

That’s one of the downsides to laying down or reclining all day. It leaves you sore and often with a crick in your neck. 

A travel pillow provides just enough support without being too cumbersome to carry throughout the house. Plus, they fit in a basket perfectly!

9. Movies

Recovery is downright boring. Make sure your loved one has something to keep them occupied. You can rent or buy movies and provide them with DVDs or get them a month’s subscription to Netflix. 

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These are just a few care package ideas for wisdom teeth removal. Get creative! Your friend will appreciate the thought no matter what you put in the gift basket. 

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