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Unique Care Package Ideas that are super-thoughtful

This post is to give you all kinds of awesome & unique care package ideas!

unique care package ideas

You know what’s great for showing someone you’re thinking about them?
A care package.

I mean…it’s kind of in the name right? You’re telling someone you care….with an awesome package.

Any care package is a good package to give (or receive).
But, if you can choose something that’s specific to the person, or just something they’re interested in, then you’ll warm their heart on a whole other level.

Take, for example, my sunshine care packages. They are perfect for cheering up a friend who is down and bringing some brightness into their life.

Basically, if you really want to make a difference to someone’s day, unique care packages show that you put maximum effort into the gift.

Below, I’ve included care package ideas that are one-of-a-kind.
Both ready-made package options, as well as ideas for making your own.

Use these as inspiration – your friends and loved ones are just as unique as these care packages need to be, so think of these as ideas to help you come up with the perfect package for the lucky recipient.

Ready-Made Care Packages That Are Unique

Assembling, packaging and sending a care package can be so time-consuming that it keeps you from sending one.
You can take the stress out of the process with a ready-made care package. The trick is to avoid generic care packages and choose unique and specialized options like the ones below.

Unique Picks For Your Own Care Package

Those ready-made gifts are great, but if you really want to be unique and thoughtful then you should try making your own care package.

It’s really easy – just pick a few items that are special to your loved one and put them together nicely in a box or basket.

Unique Care Package Ideas

Here are some unique care package ideas that you can add to your own gift basket.

Because these are quite particular, they won’t be right for everyone but they should get your brain firing with some ideas of your own.

Care to take that writing-themed care package to the next level?

Write up some “Open When” LETTERS and make them a part of your care package.

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